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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


time is flying by at a rapid pace. Here's what ive been up to:

1. putting the orders together for marsill.com's store. this is always my job, but with ProPain coming out a week from yesterday, and Nate's No Fame cd also newly for sale, the orders are piling up. And everything is due to be shipped before May 2nd. this is wonderful, and we are very excited about it all (story on it next week) but it is keeping me very busy.

2. I have two kids, one that requires feedings every 3-4 hours, and the other that requires attention every 3-4 minutes.

3. we are participating in "the mother of all yard sales" at Andrea's house this weekend. Havent spoken to her about it since last weekend and i assume that is because we are both knee deep in kids, regular work, extra work, yard sale work, and kids. Did i say kids?

4. I have not had a full night of sleep for about a week. I realize now that a good night of sleep is not something I should expect, but something that I should cherish. Oh how I long for a full night of sleep!

5. other big time drama that i will surely write about some other day, but not today. too soon to bare it all until the answers are clear and no questions remain.

6. i eat often which also seems to cause time to fly. it seems like im always hungry, or maybe i just eat when nothing else is going on. anyway, time flies between my meals and my "minimeals".

7. im not sure what to put here but i commited to list ten things and by golly im gonna list ten!

8. each month i send out the newsletter for nate's ministry, so that is another thing i spent last night finishing. try typing a newsletter on a computer screen that continually goes black on you and then you have to adjust it way back or way forward to get it to come back on again, only to barely touch it and watch it turn black again. this is the computer i have been complaining about for weeks. but it is mine and i dont know where everything is on the other one. and he's always using it, and...and...and well, im stubborn.

9. i think the baby is teething or incredibly irritable. i know she is only 4 months, but luxie cut her first tooth at 5 months so we shall see. either way, her nose is running like crazy! im using the bulb syringe like a junkie. (does that make sense...?)

10. and im off, to conquer the laundry and any other task that stands in my way of a good night of sleep. wish me luck!


Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

Good Luck!

8:32 PM

Blogger meridith said...

you are a busy lady for sure! sounds like you are doing good though at holding it all down. best wishes on the 'the mother of all yardsales' this weekend and hang in there!!

9:31 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

just here to cheer you on, i know it is so hard at times- i have had many deep thoughts and blogs i long to write, but just isnt a priority right now with all this business!!!!!
Your doing great :)

10:03 AM

Blogger lulus-world said...

Hi Lulu
2 days ago I started my blog in the www and coincidently I stepped in your blog because we use the same blogname! And so I found myself in the middle of your fascinating and sometimes stressing familylife. I know how difficult it is to function when you don`t get enough sleep. But my 2 kids are 13 and 15 now. I can assure you its getting better each year. I wish you luck and send you greetings from Switzerland. ;D

8:12 AM

Anonymous pawpaw said...

You guys are really busy and that's good! Hearing how your days go make me really appreciate Gussy when she was your age and what you mothers do for 24/7 the year round. The Lord will have a special crown, I believe, for mothers in heaven! We are so proud of you!

9:39 AM

Blogger andrea said...

I so relate to the craziness... more so than I'd like. and I'm not really sure when it's going to slow down! uuuggghhhhh.

10:14 AM


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