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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday 5.10

"Introduce Yourself" is this month's theme. So here I am on my wedding, 9 years ago today on May 10, 1997. That guy is my college sweetheart, Nate, whom I dated 4.5 years before marrying (first date was Valentine's Day 1993....awwwww!) We met at Cincinnati Bible College (now called Cincinnati Christian University) when he was 19 and I was 20. Broke up twice during those 4 and a half years, listened to Phantom of the Opera from horrible "obstructed view" seats. Made several trips to Atlanta, including one during the imfamous "Blizzard of 1993". Worked summer basketball camps together for his dad (the CBC head basketball coach at the time) and even coached a team together one summer (not something i recommend : ). Flew to Alaska together for Nate to meet my dad and ask for my hand in marriage in one big trip. Spent countless hours/afternoons down at "The Wall"/Sawyer Point and the best Gap Outlet in the US. Bought Nate's first keyboard together, the ASR 10, for producing beats, and waited patiently for him while he traveled South Africa an entire month with only one phone call home. This is me, with the love of my life, on our Wedding Day.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

awe sooooooo sweet :) Look at you whipper snappers :)

3:36 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

so adorable!

4:38 PM

Blogger djp72 said...

well, good to meet you lulu!
what a special introduction...
what a blessed man your husband is.

6:10 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

What a beautiful couple...and what amazing memories you have together. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

10:13 AM

Blogger meridith said...

so sweet and i love hearing your story. a month with one phone call, you are a strong woman. i am impressed :)

6:01 PM


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