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Friday, July 28, 2006

meridith's meme

one word for......

yourself = complicated
your partner = inspiring
your hair = mess
your mother = overcoming
your father = growing
your favorite item = husband
your dream last night = weird
your favorite drink = pure
your dream home = clean
the room you're in = dark
your pleasure = sleep
your fear = many
where you want to be in 10 years = better
who you hung out with last night = whoelse?
what you're not = sanguine
your best friends = distant
one wish list item = move
your gender = female
the last thing you did = read
the last thing you ate = delicious
your life = blessed
the last person you talked to on the phone = love
who are you thinking of right now = friends


Blogger meridith said...

thanks for playing along!!! i love reading these and learning more about my friends!

10:55 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

Hey, it is really neat to read this....i agree with you about your partner...he is pretty inspiring! you two have a special relationship and i am so happy for you two..

7:51 PM


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