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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Im going to take a new spin on my "Top 5's" and just call em "FIVE" with a new purpose. It's time for a change, but I still love listing things so here we go. Today's FIVE: (I've now typed FIVE so many times that it looks like some weird word I made up...)

FIVE: things that happened this week

*Almost walking into a spider web between our two cars, I caught sight of the spider and tried to bring down the web with my flip flop (still attached to my foot.) Began freaking out when the spider continued dangling from my raised flip flopped-foot and then decided to climb UP the web towards my foot. I shook my foot frantically, screaming out my usual "AAAAAs" and "UCKs" while Luxie giggled in the background. The spider suddenly disappeared and was never to be seen again. Although multiple times thruout the day I was certain he was crawling up my body!

*Enjoyed an M&M Blizzard with my family on a blanket on the square in Decatur (on a perfect evening) and then took Luxie on a little walk to search for "treasures" left over from the 4th of July festivities. Little flags, shiny stars, streamers and such were the big finds.

*Threw a tantrum.
(I dont know what got to me but a bunch of little things built up and I basically threw a tantrum. It was ridiculous.)

*As I was cleaning up the kitchen counter I lifted a dishtowel and had a MONSTER ROACH run directly towards me, ONTO MY BELLY! I SCREAMED THE MOST HYSTERICAL SCREAM I HAVE EVER SCREAMED IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND AND GIRLS and furiously flicked at the front of my shirt until the mammoth insect flew into the sink. While Nate screamed "WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!!" I stood hyperventilating and managed to get out "ooooAAAAA! A....ROACH....WAS....ON....MEEEEEEEEEE!" At which point Luxie began giggling and said, "It's OK mommy, I will help you." Nate came to the rescue and did away with the disgusting thing, but it took me a bit to recover.

(Ok, I know it is really gross and sounds like I live like a pig. But SERIOUSLY I am a clean person and our house is clean! When you live in a heavily wooded area that is very humid like Atlanta is, the insects grow BIG and when a big one is in your house it means it came from the outside and didnt grow there inside your house. We also have Orkin, but the horrible things still come in at times. It's terrible, but I still think it made for a funny story.)

*Enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Mountain Park Aquatic Center with my family. The place has a lazy river, and a great big shoreline with water that gradually gets deeper, as well as a waterworks play area and some big slides. But its great for little ones, and we had a blast.


Blogger Angie said...

Have you heard the expression "everything is bigger and better in Texas"? I live in Texas, and our roaches are certainly big. They're huge! I completely understand your roach crisis.

Every once in a while a monster roach finds its way into my house, usually from the sink or shower. One night, I had my front door open, and I was lying on the living room floor watching t.v. I heard little wings buzzing, but I didn't think anything of it. Then I felt scratchy legs walking along my neck, and I hysterically flicked the bug off my neck. I think I had violent heart palpitations when I saw that it was a roach.

The worst is when I find one trying to climb out of the kitchen sink. I go into hyterics. I don't want it to get out of the sink, but I want it to die, but I don't want to smash it because it's crunchy and gooey and just plain nasty.

2:00 PM

Blogger lulu said...

Ha! Ok, angie, based on your story i believe you totally understand the situation here in Georgia and you qualify as a certified "monster roach" expert. Ive heard several of the "roach on my body" stories and each one involves lots of yelling and flicking followed by irregular heart palpitations! thanks for sharing!

3:42 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

more hilarity!!!! I'm sorry for your bug phobia, especially when you live in a bug infested place. There aren't many bugs out here in Seattle...but then I don't have a bug phobia, so I just might not notice them!

4:30 PM

Blogger meridith said...

oh i remember the bugs in georgia. they are so much worse in the south. i hate them!

8:36 PM


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