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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New pics

Recently we took the family to American Adventures theme park with Nate's parents and Andrea and the kids. I am going to post those photos in the next few days, but in the meantime I thought I'd get these two up that were taken by Andrea. I just love them!

This first one is so special to me because both Luxie and I ended up looking halfway decent! And I guess I see myself in her face when I look at it. It is amazing to me how she has grown. Such a sweet picture of her.

And my baby girl with such a sweet smile. I just love it.


Blogger meridith said...

so sweet!

4:14 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

awe i love these pictures, they are wonderful!

1:56 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...


8:34 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

Luxie looks like you through her eyes and cheek bones. She is a sweetheart and we cannot believe either how time flies and how old she is now. She looks like a young lady in that picture, and, oh, how cute there is Zaine! We are truly blessed! What gifts from the Lord! Thank you, Lord, for these two little angels sent from You for sure! Love you guys, panther pawpaw!

10:56 PM


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