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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Me as.....MOM

this is the title of this month's challenge, "Me as..." so I thought I'd post a photo taken just a few days ago at Pioneer Park in my hometown. What I like about this picture is that no one around me is really ready for the shot except me, and that reminds me of chaos around me as we travel thru Washington. I feel like I am the center of this photo, and sometimes that is how it feels, especially while we are traveling. I feel like I am the one running the show, always on full alert, never missing a beat. Not because "Im so good" or "Im the boss" but because Im....mom. I gotta keep this boat afloat, this show on the road, these kids fed, these plans in action. Sure, Nate is definitely a huge part of the game, and my mom and dad and family have helped tremendously, but it sure seems like it all comes back to me. And it is weird, being in this position, being "mom" now to two girls, and "wife" to my husband for the past 9 years. I feel so young still, and so unqualified. But in this photo I actually appear to be OK with it, at peace, comfortable, and most of all happy.


Blogger meridith said...

great analogy and what a great pic :)

3:27 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

love it :)

10:33 PM


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