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Thursday, June 15, 2006


"[The goal of discipline] is not to produce perfect kids. Even if you implemented a flawless system of discipline at home, which no one in history has done, your children will still be children. At times they will be silly, lazy, selfish, and yes, disrespectful. Such is the nature of the human species. We as adults have the same weaknesses. Furthermore, when it comes to kids, that's how it should be. Boys and girls are like clocks; you have to let them run. My point is that the purpose of parental discipline is not to produce obedient little robots who can sit with their hands folded in the parlor thinking patriotic and noble thoughts! Even if we could pull that off, it wouldn't be wise to try.

"The objective, as I see it, is to take the raw material with which our babies arrive on this earth, and then gradually mold them into mature, responsible, and God-fearing adults. It is a twenty-year process that will bring progress, setbacks, successes, and failures. ...It is one of the richest experiences in living..." ~Dr. James Dobson, "Solid Answers"

I cant tell you how this quote has changed me. I know it seems silly, but I almost needed someone to say this to me for some reason. And let me tell you, this is one incredible book. I highly recommend it and look forward to each oportinity I get to read it. It is sectioned off by age of child, then a section or two on marriage, and various other family topics. And people ask a question and he gives an answer based on his years of experience as a high school counselor, marriage counselor, and advisor to the president.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

that's cool. i resist dobson :) But that is a great quote, thought process, and actually something I have been thinking about a lot. Just how they really are going to be kids. And yes we need to show them the way they need to go and we are responsible for teaching them... they are going to mess up and htat is how they will learn... it's all practice in life right now almost. I was thinking earlier about how it says in the Bible "train your child in the way he (she) should go and they will not depart from it" This time I was thinking about how he used the word TRAIN. Training is a process. It isn't an overnight thing. When you train for something it involves patience, endurance, hardwork, faith... our jobs in training our children in the way that is right, appropriate, wholesome, fufilling... is just that, TRAINING. it will take time, and MUCH patience on our parts. Grace when needed and but also consistancy. All in a spirit of love and the goal of them loving the lord and reflecting him with their lives.

For me it was freeing, and is freeing to think that way. I want such immediate results! I work that way... BUT that isn't how God trains us. he is patient and kind, but fair and consistant.

11:33 PM

Blogger lulu said...

yes, i have been thinking about it alot lately too. im so organized and orderly that i just cant handle it when things dont go according to plan! well, at least i used to be. it sounds silly, but its true!

you resist dobson? i actually havent ever read his stuff until now, and i find the book helpful. havent come across anything weird or controversial. i like the format of question and answer because it isnt a straight thru read. i can come and go without having to re-read.

good to hear from you! glad to know friends are in the same spot!

8:12 AM


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