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Sunday, August 13, 2006

she is....

talking! well, as far as i am concerned she is! Zaine is now babbling such things as "buh-buh" as she waves ever so slightly, and my favorite "bububu" for burp. Im not kidding. when she starts making the "buh" sound i go to her and pick her up, burp her and she eventually burps! then she stops making the sound. i really think this is because she has been struggling with burps her whole life, even waking at night because of them, and each time i go in i say "do you have burps?" or "let's get those burps" and im forever saying "burp" this and "burp" that. she tells me she has a burp! it is the sweetest thing.

she is also on the verge of crawling, choosing for now to roll everywhere rather than get up on her hands and knees. this is totally different from luxie who crawled way before 8 months. but then again, they are so different in so many ways. ive always heard moms say that every child is different, but i never realized just how true that is until now. different looks, for sure, but also different styles/stages of sleeping, eating, moving, learning, etc. what an adventure it has been!

Luxie is finding new ways to get my attention, like, um, misbehaving. Wow, she is testing me like never before. The sly looks directly in my face while she does what i just said not to do. Jumping on me from every direction while Im precariously balancing Zaine in a squat position on the floor. Coloring on her clothes with markers. Spitting food on the floor. Oh, the list goes on. And yet she is still such a good girl! She just tries these things a few times to get my attention. And I try to give her lots of attention as it is. REALLY, I think I may have given her too much before Zaine came along and now she doesnt know what to do with herself. And i find myself losing my temper out of sheer frustration at her behavior coupled with the neediness of a baby. I know I know, she's a kid. She's acting normal. And I am learning to just accept that. The funny part of it all is that I would LOVE to spend time with her somewhere away from home, just the two of us. But it isnt real easy right now. Summers stink in the deep south--you are locked inside for a couple of months and that does something to a kid....and a mom...! She's bored stiff and let's face it, I am too! But fall is just around the corner, and so is preschool. And my beautiful girl who is growing up so fast will soon be taking cues from the rest of the world.

We have such a short time to mold and shape them. "They" say that by age 6 you lose the greatest part of your influence on them. How crazy is that? Of course we have so much more to teach them and train them in, but they are no longer in the shelter of the home. They are off making friends, learning from others, watching the world, absorbing all that surrounds them. And I keep reminding myself of this as I struggle thru this season. Now is what really matters. Ive got to do my part now, and not waiver. They grow so quickly.


Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

Yes....It is true! All three of our kids were different in so many ways...many ways. You are right: they are just kids, but it does and did test our patience as well. You are right, the hard thing for me was spending the same amount of time with each one of your kids. You love each one so much, and it just horrifies you to believe that you might short one. They are so precious. So neat to hear how the girls are progressing, and funny as well. It brings back memories that I long for and wish I could relive, but know that, of course, that is impossible. Enjoyed reading about them.

10:30 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

crazy in so many ways i could have written this same blog (minus specifics like the talking and what not). My lu is much closer to crawline than O was at this age- but O was my big one :)! Lu is not talking. says bah, but just for fun, not for anything :) I'm sorry you have to be locked up! That is how we do winter here :) I remember being that way in Florida though.

you know i have thought of the influence by 6 thing.... i'm not sure i believe it. I mean I'm not expert :) But I just remember so much more influence as I got older. I feel so effected by things later in my life. But who knows. Those people are smarter than me :) HA!

you are doing a great job. I know KNOW it is hard. but i also KNOW you are doing great.

8:08 AM


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