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Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Five

Five things Im diggin:

1. Cole Slaw. I am in LOVE with cole slaw these days. Crazy as it may seem I didnt eat the stuff until about a year ago, but Im eating it constantly now. My favorite way to have it is on a bagel with turkey, a few chips on the side. Delicious....

2. The Library. Never in my life did I think I'd be saying it but we live just two blocks away and it has been a lifesaver. We go once a week and check out about 15 books. It's one of the things I look forward to most each week.

3. A Model Life. Take America's Next Top Model remove Tyra and replace her with the beautifully humble tsunami surviving supermodel Petra, get rid of the drama and add real life young girls trying to make it in New York and get an interesting mix of raw truth and sincerity. It airs Friday evenings at 10pm on TLC.

4. Skirts. I am not a skirt wearer. Or at least I never was. But now I see what all the fuss was about. In 100 degree heat skirts are a must. I cannot believe it has taken me years to break down and wear a skirt. I cant get enough of them now.

5. Tuesday mornings. We love our church and look forward to any opportunity to be there, something I honestly wasnt sure I'd ever say until we began attending Calvary Chapel. Tuesday mornings the stay at home moms convene to enjoy each other and study God's word. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but dont knock it til you try it. There's something great about women at the same point in life coming together to help each other out and learn more about the God who gets them thru each day.

what are your five????


Blogger olympiaway said...

oh man, i just did a friday shuffle. i wonder, can i do a friday five too? is that just bananas?

3:09 PM


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