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Saturday, September 11, 2004

I love Fall!

I love Fall not only for the beautiful colors, the crisp air, and the coming holidays....but also for the new tv schedule! I just like having new stuff on, although I do admit that this year the different studios did a nice job of bringing new shows to the viewers this summer.

Here are some of my pics for this fall:

Extreme Makeover Home (not the snip snip but the construction show)
Last Comic Standing
Bernie Mac
King of Queens
The Apprentice
What Not to Wear

Joey (give it a shot, eh?!)
LAX (ok, you gotta watch something on Mondays!)
Renovate My Famiy (Ex. Makeover Home but they work on the family too.)
Trading Spouses (one of my husband's favorites)
LOST (looks very interesting)
Listen Up (Jason Alexander deserves another hit.)
*cant remember the name of it but the new John Goodman/Jean Smart/Olympia Dukkakis looks kinda good.

*This list may be changed or altered after shows begin!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, yes. I am all up in 'what not to wear'... so, I pose this question for you and all the readers out there: would you do this? allow yourself to be shown (via video tape! the worst!) in most unflattering ways for all of america to see? look at yourself in that evil full-scope three-way mirror while the two show hosts use clever and witty banter to tell you how WRONG, WRONG, WRONG you really do look...? watch your most treasured pieces of clothing go flying into the trash? the trade off is none too shabby, though- $5,000 to spend on the clothes you've always wanted to buy anyway, with some professional guidance to boot. new hair, new make-up. it sounds shallow, yes, but admit it- it would be great. is it worth it, though? would you do it? as for me, the anonymous little poster? I really and truly don't know. what I do know is that I love that show.

9:55 PM


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