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Friday, November 19, 2004

more elaborating!

Ok, decided to elaborate on a few more numbers from my list. How about numbers 18. tried chewing tobacco once and 49. think i might have some sort of female moustache!...:[ :O

Let's just clear up 49 first! I dont have a female mustache--it's just a funny little thing that we joke about here at home. My daughter learned about mustaches and associates them with her grandpa. If she sees a mustache she says "Papa!" and points to her top lip. Well we started a little game and we would say "Does Luxie have a mustache? No! ha ha!" Then we would say "Does mommy have a mustache? No! ha ha!" "But Daddy has a mustache!" Well for some reason she started saying "Papa!" and pointing to her lip, then saying "Mama!" and giggling. So it became a running joke that she thinks mommy has a mustache too. I promise Im not lying! I dont have one! Right?! Right??

Regarding the chewing tobacco, I grew up in a hick town. I didnt realize it at the time, but it is definitely a farming community. Population is about 25,000 and there is one main high school that everyone ends up at unless they go to the Catholic high school. Well my group of friends werent all farmers, but we were products of the families that had lived in this small community all of their lives, and most of them chewed. One night three of us girls went out with three of the guys (none of us were dating ...not that it matters to you). We took the trucks up to the mountains to do what teens in small towns do, listen to music, drink, and be teenagers.

The guys got out their chew and we girls started asking them about it and before you know it we each take a little bit and stick it in our lip. The guys kept saying, "Dont swallow it! Make sure you spit!" Well when youre talking and having fun with friends and not at all familiar with spitting every few seconds you forget and swallow! It was all fun and games until we started getting a little buzz and then one by one we were out by the tree throwing up. So the moral of this story is...."Make sure you spit!"


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