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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Am I ever glad the whole presidential battle is over! Too much drama for me. And the signs and bumperstickers (again, me with the bumperstickers)! From "President Kerry, Now That's Scary!" which I saw up around Halloween in Orange and Black, to "Bush is a Plant" I find all the shenanagans ridiculous. I actually feel quite sorry for those people who put lots of stickers on their cars, because it isnt like the "student of the month" or "radio station" sticker that you can leave up for years. It is one of those things that kinda gets old a few days after the election has been decided. And I notice lots of people still have signs in their yards. Im one of those people who would take it down immediately. I mean, if I had had a Kerry sign I would feel awkward leaving it up because I'd think "Yep, I was hard core for that guy who didnt win. Originally I thought you all should know, but now that it's over there's no sense in pushing the issue." And if I had had a Bush sign I'd think "I better get this sign out of the yard before the Kerry folks tp my house!" Dont get me wrong, I voted and feel strongly for the candidate I chose....I guess I just dont like announcing my political persuasion to the rest of the world!

And what's with the electoral college? I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning switching from channel to channel trying to figure out how many votes each candidate really had! "Does Bush have Ohio or not?" "Is it 269-242 or 254-252?" Who knows? Each station apparently decides the electoral votes themselves! And then to wake up the next morning and the thing still wasnt over! I finally left the house and found out later via radio who had won the presidency. The whole thing seems quite a mess to me and I'll tell you I am exhausted. Thanks be to God it is over!


Blogger joy madison said...

The electoral college should be shut down:)

2:26 AM

Anonymous Dale Stokley said...

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8:57 AM


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