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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I decided to randomly select a few items from my "100 things about me" and elaborate. So let's see. Numbers 12 & 79. Give me a minute to see just what those are...12. love to read (Agatha Christie is a favorite author) and 79. dont have a dishwasher (argh! shaking fist!) Not the most exciting facts about me but here we go!

Yes I love to read. I have always enjoyed reading since my youth, and I remember exactly where I was when I opened my first Agatha Christie mystery. It was titled "The Mirror Crack'd" and I was in the Garrison Jr. High library during 8th grade English (Ms. Reed was my teacher and for some odd reason she hated me.) (I always found it interesting every day she wore an Indian style belt that had her name "Karen Reed" embroidered in multi colors on it.) I was trying to find a book for our next book report (remember those?) and I had always liked mysteries so I selected the Agatha Christie book along with several others and sat down at my table to begin reading. And thus began my journey into the intriguing world of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, Captain Hastings, and the fellows at Scotland Yard. I believe I have read every book of hers at least once. At one point I began collecting them, finding them at the thrift store and receiving them as gifts, but there got to be so many it was hard to cart them around. So I gave them all back to the thrift store to start my journey again (except a few favorites like "Curtain," "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd," "The Big Four," and "Ten Little Indians." Agatha Christie was a genius when it comes to writing mysteries. Very rarely have I solved one of her mysteries, and I am pretty good at solving things if I do say so myself!

In regards to reading in general, I think some of my favorites over the years have been a variety of styles. I loved "Choose Your Own Adventures," "The Blackhand Gang," "Nancy Drew Mysteries," in my younger days, but also enjoyed the Judy Bloom books, Madeline L'Engle's amazing tales of the Connor? family with the "A Wrinkle In Time" series, and even the freaky "Bunnicula" and "Celery Stalks At Midnight" books. I've also loved the Chronicles of Narnia. I went thru a phase of really enjoying romance novels, but not the hokey ones, the classic romances like "The Age of Innocence" (GREAT if you havent read it) and "Til We Have Faces" which I consider romantic (any CS Lewis will do), and finally "Pride and Prejudice."

I also enjoy magazines!

Ok, and about that dishwasher...I would LOVE to have one. I have not had a dishwasher since I stayed with my in-laws-to-be during the summers while I dated my husband in college. It has been more than 8 years that I have been washing dishes by hand, and although I realize there are worse things in life, it sure would make things easier! I think I would be much more inclined to cook if I knew I could throw the dishes, silverware, pots and pans in the dishwasher after a meal! Instead I watch the sink pile grow larger and larger throughout the day and then breakdown and tackle them each evening. But we bought a house that didnt have a dishwasher or even the plumbing for one. So if we do get one it is going to be a big task--which is fine but big tasks usually mean big money. And that being said it will be a while before I get one!


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