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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

here are a few other blogs to check out:

I decided I would post a few of the other blogs I visit as well as some message boards. My brother in law has a great blog at http://wardomatic.blogspot.com/. He is a Director of Animation and Primal Screen in Atlanta, Ga and has some great blogs for an amateur blogger:)!

I also like to visit http://www.smartbrother.org/. Jon Madison is a friend and fellow DJ to my husband and I always enjoy reading what's been going on in his life. His wife also blogs and her address is on his site.

The third blog I visit most often is http://washingtonunderground.blogspot.com/. I have never met the guy who writes this blog but I appreciate his insight in to the politics of Washington. I actually met him on a message board and saw this site listed in his signature so I checked it out. I dont always agree, but he sure knows his stuff!

The main message boards I visit are http://marsill.com, the website for my husband's hiphop group Mars ILL, and http://www.lost-tv.com/, the best site for the tv show LOST! I would love to find some other great blogs or sites to visit, so please post in the "comments" section if you know of some other fun ones!


Blogger youngdo said...

check out mine!

www.youngdo.blogspot.com (ok, it's just my old poems)

but enid has one with pictures


God bless!

10:02 AM

Blogger Ward Jenkins said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention, Lulu! I'll have to pay you back on that one. And when you say, "great blogs for an amateur blogger," that's just a nice way of saying that my posts are TOO LONG, eh? C'mon, you know it's true! Kidding...!

Seriously, thanks for the nod, and keep up the great work on Lulu's World. Very funny stuff.

11:57 AM

Blogger jon said...

thanks for the shout!

love y'all, hope to meet you one day.


7:22 PM


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