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Sunday, November 07, 2004

100 Things About Me

I have been trying to post this in my profile on the right hand column but for some reason it wont let me save it. So until I figure it out I will post it here! It wuz dun kwikly so ther mite be tipos! My list: 100 things you might not know about me....

1. born and raised in Walla Walla WA
2. I have a BA in Theatre/Concentration Dance
3. Love macaroni & cheese
4. Married 7 years
5. Love nachos
6. stopped drinking before I turned 21!
7. tear up daily over commercials, music, life
8. love God tremendously
9. have attended 11 different schools thus far in my lifetime
10. only drink water
11. not too keen on pets
12. love to read (Agatha Christie is a favorite author)
13. love my husband and daughter beyond measure
14. have two friends who work for major celebrities
15. only child in a matter of speaking
16. love Wes Anderson films
17. much older than I look
18. tried chewing tobacco once
19. very passionate person (ok high strung!)
20. love broccoli
21. have funny looking toes
22. got our daughter's name from a film
23. have traveled to South Africa, Amsterdam, Holland, and the UK
24. my husband is a hip-hop DJ/producer
25. I dont like to be cold.
26. my husband has my initials tattooed on his arm (aww!)
27. i get car sick
28. my first real kiss was in 8th grade
29. in third grade i helped in the special ed. class
30. I'm fiercly protective of family
31. Have only had one ticket (for an accident I DIDNT cause I tell you!)
32. Solo VonZebren was the only dog Ive had.
33. I had guppies but they kept jumping out of the bowl.
34. Love sugar cookies with frosting
35. love the beach, not the ocean
36. I ponder too often
37. had pausi-articular rheumatoid jeuvenile arthritis as a child
28. my 6th grade basketball team won the city tournament
29. was a rocker chick in high school
30. not at all adventursome but spontaneous at times
31. tend to be a people pleaser
32. have great in-laws
33. have been on two cruises
34. sometimes hear gunshots at night
35. love finding treasures at the thrift store!
36. middle name is Michelle
37. love massages
38. hopeless romantic but very much a realist (huh?)
39. want to be more than I am
40. get bored easily
41. once almost choked to death on a junior mint!
42. spend more time on the internet than i do cleaning the house!
43. love barbeque Hot Pockets
44. have incredibly noisy neighbors with hot rod cars they start up all hours of the day/night
45. wish Classmates.com hadnt started charging us to read about our classmates
46. havent exercised in 2 1/2 years
47. have a love/hate relationship with tv
48. drive a Scion xB that my husband HAD to have!
49. think i might have some sort of female moustache!...:[ :O
50. if you're reading this i am probably hungry.

and i will stop here until next time....stay tuned!

ok, back to work

51. was a "Super Trooper" in Jr. High (we were the Troopers)
52. went to high school with Drew Bledsoe (NFL quarterback)
53. hit the fly ball that caused my softball team to lose state
55. found a dollar at the park yesterday
56. i am actually quite shy and nervous
57. have noisy neighbors who just started up their car again!
58. have had three last names in my lifetime
59. live in a bit of a fear bubble i am trying to pop
60. love to organize/hate to clean
61. often think i know more than i really do
62. i wonder if anyone reads this blog
63. broke up with my high school boyfriend 7 times in 7 months due to pms
64. along those lines...have a very patient husband
65. got called to the principals office in high school for having a party at my house
66. lived on my own part of my senior year of high school
67. i dont often realize the fun in something until it is over
68. voted "cutest smile" in 9th grade
69. have never broken a bone
70. have a fear of flying (and of sharks, and of dogs)
71. love to be outside (unless it's cold:)
72. cant wait to have another baby
73. hate being alone
74. love my daughter's voice (except the whine:)

well my daughter just woke from her nap so the last few will be completed at another time!

and finally the conclusion of "100 Things About Me"

75. i'm unfortunately a morning person
76. had a dirt bike motorcycle in elementary school
77. have been told i have a "grass is always greener" mentality
78. i rarely clean the shower
79. dont have a dishwasher (argh! shaking fist!)
80. i watch "The Bachelor" (disgusting reality show....)
81. love cottage cheese
82. would love to dance again someday
83. sometimes wish i could re-do high school as the person i am today
84. have been told by my husband that i have "bionic hearing"!
85. held the record for shuttle run and sit ups in 8th grade physical fitness test
86. my records were not broken for several years!
87. i could no longer hold any record in shuttle run or sit ups
88. sometimes feign ignorance on technological issues so my husband will handle them
89. am more task oriented than people oriented
90. in high school once kissed my friend's boyfriend after we dropped her off and he was taking me home
91. dont look back too fondly on most of my high school memories!
92. watched a guy shoplift at the thriftstore today
93. in high school got a "C" in pottery and an "A-" in Advanced English--go figure?!
94. have begun writing at least 5 books/pilots but have never completed any of them
95. i always have a snack before bed
96. my husband has said to me "your passion is what drives you"
97. i get very sleepy around 4 or 5 o'clock each day
98. i have very low blood pressure, usually 100 over 60
99. i'm still not sure what i want to be when i grow up
100. i wish this didnt have to end!


Blogger jon said...

obviously 100 is absolutely correct since you started renumbering the list nearly halfway through, LOL.

to some of those on the list, i say...TMI! TMI!


12:21 AM


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