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Sunday, November 14, 2004


Yee-Haw! Is this color bright or what? I wanted to change things up a little around here so I went for a real fun color. What do you think? Not sure how long I will keep it, but it's fun to see something new for a change!

I cant believe Nick and Jessica might break up! What in the world is going on these days. If any couple in Hollywood had a fighting chance it was definitely those two. Hard to believe Carmen and Dave can stick together but Nick and Jessica are hanging on by a thread. Sad days.

And ODB died! (If you dont know who Im talking about go ahead and skip to the next paragraph...that means you mom!) It is always a shock to hear someone famous has passed. Not that they arent human too, but sometimes we think everyone is gonna make it to 100, and then this happens and it either a) wakes you up to realize tomorrow is not promised to any of us, or b) leaves no impression on you and you simply think "too bad for him." Hopefully you are in the "a's".

And is it me or have recent photos of Johnny Depp not been as complimentary as past photos. I am very happily married but can honestly say I found him to be one of the top 5 best looking guys in Hollywood until these recent shots. Maybe it is the hairstyle and lack of scruff. Lenny Kravitz (another in the top 5 for me) fell sharply too when he went with the James Brown/Farrah Fawcett straight/feathered look. He's jumped back up the list now with that new cut. (Like either of them really care about my 2 cents.)

What has happened to Britney??? I am continually fascinated at her bizarre choices in life! I was never a fan (although I will admit to blasting "Hit Me Baby" in the car when it first came out...you know you did too your just too cool to admit it!) But what is going on with the quick marriages, trashy look, and general lack of care about anything? I cant figure out if she is just sick of stardom and rebelling against her image, or if she really thinks the dirty/hard/trashy lifestyle is da bomb. I hope she isnt spiraling out of control..now that she's a stepmom she may want to smoke outside.

My heart was breaking for poor little Ashley Simpson. What a disaster. And that awkward dance recorded forever on VCR's and internet sites around the globe. First off, it has got to be tough growing up with Jessica as a big sister. Everything about her is bigger and better by the world's standards and that has got to be rough. Jessica's beautiful, has a great voice (not my style, but hey, she sings a lot better than me!) Boys were always after her, she unknowingly played hard to get which only created more attention for her. She's ditzy so people were always laughing and having fun around her. Ashley has probably always felt second best. And, unfortunately she has reconfirmed that with this disaster. First, she should have stuck with acting. That was HERS and she was good at it. But someone whispered in her ear that she ought to try singing (someone who wanted to make lots of money be creating a terrible reality show around her not so great recording career.) "Lindsay is doing it!" "Hillary has sold millions!" Why not take a stab at the music industry too? She probably never felt terribly comfortable with the whole thing, then she goes on national LIVE television and the reality of it all comes crashing down. I know many of you were thrilled with a pop persona getting her due, but I see a girl led astray by her management into doing something she never should have done in the first place. And I see her sitting on her bed crying her eyes out the next day. I feel sorry for her.

Dont forget to tune into "LOST" this Wednesday--so glad to have something new to watch! Lots of interesting directions they can go and I love it. Yes it is cheesy at times but what tv show isnt a little far fetched?

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

andrea, here (she of sis-in-law status). LOVE the bright new colors as I am all about pinks/reds/oranges these days. though I also enjoyed the rich brown hues... yeah, it's all crazy- true celebrity nuttiness. here's more- I just read a bit about brigitte nielson and flava flav having their own reality show to be called 'strange love' (based on their hooking up on 'the surreal life'). strange love, indeed. how crazy is that? who, in a million years, would have predicted that? also, so strange (and sad) about the death ODB. not that I'm a big fan or anything, but still. and, at the risk of sounding a tad cold- famous people usually die in threes, so...??? anyway. sorry to end on a morbid note. digging your blog, soul sister. keep it flowin'.

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