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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Am I On A Roll Or What?

Here I am bloggity bloggin again today! Is there some sort of an award for blogging several days in a row? My title for this blog reminds me of a funny hip-hop punch line I once heard, "You thought your rhymes were butter til you heard me get on a roll." ba-dum-bum-ching!

So here are my latest Top 5's

"Top 5 things I should be doing but instead I am blogging:"

5. scheduling a doctor's appointment
4. cleaning the house (did you read #42 or #60?)
3. planning my afternoon (did you read the blog before last?)
2. getting the mail (see #25 and #36)
1. doing that other thing I can't quite remember I was supposed to do.

Well, Im not sure how I feel about the Hot Pockets any longer. Yesterday I about lost my tongue biting into one HOT pocket! Wow! Im glad they called it a "hot pocket" or Im sure they'd have been sued a few times by now. But there's no way anyone could ever get any money out of them. You can just hear their lawyer, "Your honor, my client wanted to be absolutely sure there would be no question that the pocket would be very warm...even hot...when the consumer cooked it according to directions on the package. Thus they named the product "Hot Pocket" to avoid any confusion over just what this package contains." But oh I wish I hadnt burnt my tongue! Now everything I eat causes those little burnt taste buds to errupt in pain! It's like having a canker (sp?) sore on the top of your tongue. You cant just chew on one side to avoid it because it touches everything! And you really dont realize what an enjoyable experience eating is until you have tongue or mouth problems. You miss that connection, you know? That "it's just me and my Hot Pocket" no other cares in the world connection. Give me a few days and I'll be back! You aren't getting rid of my that easily, Hot Pocket. I know where you are. I know how to find you. And when I do, you'll be all mine.


Blogger jon said...

Dag girl!

I had come here about 3 days ago, and saw no update; i make it here, and there are 1 million! maybe my browser cache was broken or something!

it was great chatting with your husband for one hour and nineteen minutes. :) i got a lot of catching up to do, here.


11:47 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

I'm going to post about the topic....not whatever crosses my mind, like my dh did. Hot pockets are the bomb, although pretty chancey with the whole burning your tongue or not thing. I regularly burn my tongue at least a little while I eat them. I eat the Chicken and Broccoli (sp?) or Turkey and Broccoli in general.

2:32 AM


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