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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

more random thoughts

Here are a few more.

1. On behalf of all mothers everywhere, if you see us approaching a door with a child (or two) in hand feel free to open it for us. We wont be offended or protest that we are being squelched of our feminist rights to open the door ourselves. And you can feel great about your random act of kindness for the day.

2. No, Im not a teenager. Yes I know I look it.

3. Do you ever wonder who was the first person "create" cookie dough? Who decided a little flour, some eggs, butter, and sugar would become something tasty. And along those lines, just what is baking powder? What is baking soda? And why does vanilla contain alcohol?

4. They've just come out with Hershey's mini kisses. Arent those called chocolate chips?

5. Nick and Jessica just admitted to creating drama over their marriage to take the heat off of her sister Ashley over the SNL catastropy. I cant decide if that is a really sweet sisterly gesture, or another example of Jessica having one of her "blonde" moments.


Anonymous Garfield Fralick said...

Thanks!! I think Ill return in the near future

1:42 PM


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