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Monday, December 20, 2004

One more thing

I really dont like the way I ended that last post. There are two things I needed to add. First, what I am thankful for in this experience. I am really thankful that I had the chance to see the baby alive, for just a moment. I am thankful God afforded me that opportunity. And second, what I have learned from this experience. I have learned that I need to take more time to consider what my fellow human beings might be going thru. Sitting in that office the day I knew the baby was gone put me in a position that forced me to consider how it must have been for other women in my same predicament. And that made me very sympathetic to the lives of those around me. I have been made more aware of the people sitting near me, walking past me, driving in front of me. Who knows what they might be going thru...the death of a loved one, the break up of a relationship, a terrible illness. I need to be kind. I need to show love. And I need to be patient. The person walking too slow in front of me might be me. How would I wish to be treated? Anyway, that is how i should have ended the post.


Blogger joy madison said...

I agree. Noone young and healthy that I was super close to ever died before, so my loss put me in a position to think of others, and how they may be feeling about a loss; any loss.

6:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grieve with you, lulu. Each life is precious to God and he counts the hair on our head. That sweet life is in his care now. But it still hurts. I'm crying now because I know that little life was precious to you and Nate, too. I pray that God blesses you with the opportunity to have another child. You inspired me with your last note. I need to be more mindful of those around me, too. I have my health - others don't. I shouldn't complain because I am so overwhelmed with blessings. Thanks for your insights.

8:12 AM


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