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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ive got 30 minutes

til the battery on my computer runs out. So I have to think of something quick. Maybe a Top 5 will do.

Top 5 Christmas movies

5. "Elf." I am breaking rules and posting a movie I havent seen, only because I tried twice to see it last year and was called home by the babysitter both times just as the show began. It has created such anticipation in my mind that it is a must see at this point.
4. Do I have to say "It's A wonderful Life?" I will mention it just because my husband says I have to. I know it's a classic and has a great message, but I tell you the truth, I cant take the old style films. I appreciate the art and the purpose, but I lose interest very quickly. This one is for you sweetie.
3." Scrooged." I have great memories about this film. I love Bill Murray (dont forget The Life Aquatic which comes out on Christmas) and although I dont find it as funny as I used to, it still makes my list.
2. "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I just think it has to be listed. It's a classic, especially in my husband's family
1."A Christmas Story". They show it every year, but to me it just gets funnier every time. I watch it once thru then that's it for the season. Happy Holidays!


Blogger jon said...

i cannot believe "Beat Street"--the ultimate film set around christmastime.

11:11 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

how can you not find Bill Murray's father saying, "why don't you get a job, you have so many excuses, blah blah blah, I'm only 4 years old" the most hilarious thing ever:) I don't remember the line perfectly, but our family uses that excuse all the time:)

6:30 PM


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