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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Best Cousins Ava and Luxie, October 2004

Recently we were discussing Nate's tattoo with Luxie. He has a tattoo of my initials in graffiti on his left bicep and she asked what it was. We explained in basic lingo that daddy got it to show mommy how much he loved her.

Tonight this conversation transpired between Luxie and I:

Me: "Mommy loves you."

Luxie: "Yeah. Daddy has tattoo. He loves mommy."

Me: "Yes, he got his tattoo to show mommy how much he loves her. And mommy wears her ring to show how much she loves daddy."

Luxie: "I get a tattoo for Ava." (big smile)

Me: "Oh? You want to get a tattoo to show how much you love Ava?"

Luxie: "Yeah! I get a pink one!"

In Luxie's little world cousin Ava hung the moon, made the stars to twinkle, and set the planets in their orbit. I hope they stay such sweet friends forever.


Blogger andrea said...

well, I think I just lost consciousness over that, the SWEETNESS of that, the love they have for each other... it is a special thing. we are so lucky to witness these two fantastic creatures growing up together.

oh, that luxie lu... lovelovelove.

wow, and I have always loved that photo of the two of them together. so, so sweet.

8:19 PM

Blogger meridith said...

ok, seriously that is just about the sweetest thing i ever read. bless her little heart!!! what fun to grow up with a best friend that is also your cousin.

1:41 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

so so so cute!!!! Love it!!!

2:00 AM


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