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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday 10.11

"Mad Teegy"

For Self Portrait Tuesday this week I decided to post a photo that I personally dont think resembles me at all! Nate scanned it for me and put the title "Mad Teegy" on it (teegs is a nickname he gave me a long time ago), thus my caption. I actually wasn't angry...more irritated to be honest. (I can tell by the expression-it has shown up countless times in photos over the years.) It was somewhere around 1998 and it was our first trip to New York City, with his group at the time, Dead Poet Society. We were staying on Roosevelt Island with a couple who were friends with one of the guys in the group. We had a day to explore the city and were waiting for the train at the subway station on the Island. Undoubtedly Nate had been teasing me relentlessly and I became perturbed. He snapped this shot.


Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

Awesome shot - love it.

5:13 PM

Blogger andrea said...

this is such a funny shot... and I think everyone can relate. we all have a certain face we put on when we're upset/mad/frustrated, etc... though we don't have all husbands/brothers who like to 'capture the anger'... ha. as you know, nate also likes to capture tense family moments and family arguments on video. always says 'we'll laugh about it later'... in a way, I guess he's right!

4:49 PM

Blogger meridith said...

what a fun nickname! i love nicknames. this is a SUPER cute shot of you!!

4:00 PM


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