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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday 10.

Well, there are no portraits from me this week. I have such a hard time following the great ideas that the orginator of the SPT posts creates. I cant get around to taking the photos before each Tuesday arrives. This month is dedicated to documenting moments of your life in a progressive kinda order and I think that would be amazing! But I just cant do it. I have no energy and I am not even home. So I am wondering if I should continue the SPT or just do my own thing, or not do it at all!

We are visiting grandma and grandpa right now, and it was going to be such an amazing trip...until the morning we were to leave Luxie woke up with a cough....then the first morning here she woke up with a huge fever....and continued coughing...and woke up with a huge fever again the next morning...and has a horribly stuffed up nose, cough, fever thing going. This morning makes day 4 with this thing, although the fever seems to be subsiding. I hate to be sick, and I hate for those around me to be sick. I feel so bad for her, she has no concept of "blowing" her nose, "coughing" it out etc. So she walks around wheezing and having these hysterical fits of coughing or sneezing. Poor girl.

Small towns are part of visiting grandma and grandpa in our family. And it has been wonderful having Nate along to enjoy the ease and flow of the small town, even if they only have a 7:00pm showing at both theatres! (Yes, ONLY 7pm...no matinees, no late shows, only 7pm during the week!) We have been exploring the thrift stores, little cafes, and of course, Walmart. Hopefully Luxie will feel well enough soon that I can sneak out to a movie and Nate can put her down. Until then, I am on sick baby duty!


Blogger kath red said...

yes you can do it. start small start simple. document your breakfast, your morning routine, a moment with your family. try next week ok?

11:26 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

I kinda feel the same way lulu. I'm just not a photographer so I do it for fun. But this next task sounds awesome- I can't wait to see everyone's submissions from the people that really are great with photography... but for me it seems like a huge task. Between being pregnant, getting my house fixed, preparing to sell our house and move, and taking care of a toddler... i just don't know that I can do it and do it well. You completely articulated how I feel. Do I keep doing spt but not do the assignment?
or do I just drop it till life slows down?

8:09 AM

Blogger andrea said...

so so so sorry that luxie-lu is sick... the timing really stinks, too!

and I agree with kath... I know you can do it (though I also know what it feels like to be pregnant and tired)... and I think you should keep doing the SPT, even if you have to skip some weeks and/or can't do the challenges. just do it when it feels right.

5:41 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

poor baby luxie! I hope that she feels better soon, and then you guys can enjoy yourself more!

1:56 AM


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