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Sunday, November 20, 2005

something funny

Today at church a friend rushed up behind me and asked "Are you having a girl?" "Yes!" I said. Then she grabbed a little something from her purse and stuck it on my shoulder. It was a cute pink baby sleeper she hadnt had time to wrap but wanted to be sure to get to me. I thanked her so much and tucked it into my purse, tags and all.

After church Luxie and I ran to the grocery store and it was really busy due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I assume. In the middle of one of the aisles Luxie asked for something out of my purse and I started to dig around in it looking for the item. Midway thru my digging what do you think I pulled out of there? Yes! The pink sleeper all wadded up with tags still attached! I paused for a minute and then realized I was shoving a tagged pink sleeper back into my purse amidst a crowd of shoppers....could I look more like a shoplifter? My mind began racing..."I am going to be followed around the store by some secret shopper, and when I get to the register they are going to handcuff me and throw my pregnant self into the squad car outside! Luxie will be taken into custody, Nate's out of town and probably not reachable, and I have no idea what the phone number is for the girl who gave me the sleeper to begin with!"

I continued on with my shopping trying not to look suspicious--even though I had no reason to feel suspicious! I had that "I'm not guilty" guilty feeling thruout the rest of the store! I got to the check out and had to carefully dig my wallet out of my purse without revealing the "pink sleeper I hadnt stolen but looked like I had." I was successful. As we made our way out of the store and towards the car I let out a sigh of relief. No swarm of Walmart officials. No squad cars. No handcuffs. Apparently the secret shoppers had missed me today. I made it to the care safely with my "not stolen" merchandise.


Blogger meridith said...

oh man i HATE that 'not guilty' guilty feeling! when you didn't even do anything wrong but you feel like you did. that is the worst!!! glad to hear you made it out ok! :) that totally sounds like something i would do

11:42 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

Oh my gosh that would totally have my heart racing with fear. I get so paranoid at those things and JJ just laughs at me. I'm always afraid people might think I'm "breaking the rules" and I'm such a rule follower!
I'm glad you made it out okay!

12:53 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

My friend Jen once tried on a belt at Wal-Mart and opened a Sprite (that she intended to pay for at the checkout) and security DID follow her all around the store. Haha....

5:51 PM

Blogger lulu said...

meridith--i get that feeling all the time! probably because like mommy zabs said, I am such a rule follower!

zabs--I too am always running around afraid people might think I m breaking the rules. Nate laughs at me all the time, thinking people will see us do something wrong, not throw it away correctly, basically, not follow the rules!

jo--that sounds like something my husband would do, and wouldnt feel nervous about at all. on the other hand, I would freak out that he had opened it without paying for it yet!

6:30 PM

Blogger andrea said...

that would've been a funny call for us to get! (assuming you couldn't get a hold of nate, you could always call us)... I have had that happen to me before and it's so hard to pretend like nothing is wrong when you feel like they're about to close in on you!

9:02 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

Oh man...I feel your anxiety! My husband got a pound of coffee from Starbucks for his birthday...and wanted to exchange it for decaf. I was like...why don't we go in and tell them the situation and leave the coffee in the car. He laughed at me...and we proceeded to go in...we didn't have a bag or receipt...we waited in a huge line. He had 2 bags of coffee (the one we brought in...and the one he wanted to switch it for) and I was just sure they were going to kick us out because it looked like we were trying to get a free pound of coffee. I was supremely anxious for a good 10 minutes...but they didn't question it. I totally had that 'not guilty' guilty feeling!!!

11:44 AM


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