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Sunday, January 22, 2006

more pics

Here are some more recent photos of Zaine and one of Lux I couldnt resist! I have to tell you how things have been going around here. Zaine has recently started "cooing" and smiling, which is so wonderful! It makes the tough times more barable to know that she actually has "happy" moments, not just blank stares/sleeping/crying moments! I had the best moment with her earlier today. She was sucking on her pacifier with daddy and he passed her off to me. She looked up at me, spit out her pacifier and cooed and grinned. It melted my heart! This is when the fun begins, because her personality will begin to emerge.

She is on a great eating schedule, but the sleep schedule is not in place. She sleeps great at night--which is most important if you ask me! She eats around 8pm, then I put her down (unfortunately she doesnt fall asleep here, not sure how to fix this), feed her again around 10pm, then put her back down. She sleeps until about 4am, giving me a 5 hour chunk of sleep which I LOVE, then I put her back down and she sleeps til 7 or 8am. I think night are going really well! Days are weird because instead of sleeping between each feeding she is staying awake between one, then sleeping the whole time between the next, and that repeats thruout the day. Not sure how to fix it. But in all she has been a real sweet baby.

Luxie cant decide if she likes having a sister or not. Sometimes they interact so well! Lux will kiss and hug her and the other day when Zaine was crying Luxie brought her some tissues and started wiping her eyes (although Z doesnt have tears yet!) Other times she informs me she doesnt like Zaine. This is usually to see what my reaction will be, or when she is ready for some attention herself. She is struggling at times with really wanting attention, even though we are giving her LOTS of attention already. It hurts me sometimes to see her so desperate--yelling/singing really loud, throwing really babyish tantrums, and acting out with bits of anger. Most of the time she is the sweet girl she has always been, but these little moments pop up at different times thruout the day. I know it is normal but I guess what makes it tough is that we cant really help her understand, she just has to learn to adjust. We just keep trying to give her lots of love. She's still my little sweetheart...umm... I mean "Squirt" : )

Zaine at 5 weeks last Wednesday

another one of Zaine at 5 weeks

Luxie at grandma's birthday dinner (she stole the crown)


Blogger mommy zabs said...

1. i think the girls look so much alike :)

2. Lukas is doing the same thing! Where he is awak for a whole cycle than sleep a whole nother. I'm not cracking the whip yet :) But he is doing slightly better at night now. Ah i gotta write you more about this.

10:22 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

Such cute girls!!!!!

2:48 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

They are so cutie!!! Thanks for posting the pix!

5:55 PM

Anonymous Dana said...

Your girls are so gorgeous! And your little Zaine has grown so much!

11:44 PM

Blogger meridith said...

you've got some beautiful babies

2:21 PM

Blogger andrea said...

I've got to commend you... you're doing so great with the whole sleeping schedule thing! much better than I ever did with ezra or ava!

love the photos... so cute. and how wonderful it was to finally hold that sweet little zaine in my arms.

5:07 PM

Blogger KiWi said...

goodness what beautiful children. And I'm a mother so I don't just hand out the compliments on other people's kids all willy nilly. :)

1:02 AM

Blogger poppy said...

beautiful children! congratulations on the birth of zaine! cool cool name!

11:00 AM


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