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Thursday, February 02, 2006


This has got to be one of the greatest things mankind has ever invented. We got TiVo as a gift to ourselves this Christmas, and I LOVE it. If you dont have TiVo or dont know much about it, you are truly missing out on something grand. Something so amazing that Im not sure you can truly grasp the grandness unless you experience it firsthand. Kind of like being a mother. You can babysit, nanny, and even keep your friend's kids for the weekend, but until you embark on that right of passage for yourself you never truly get the full and complete experience. We had heard of TiVo, and even read about it. Our friends had expounded on the amazing features. But let me tell you, we never realized just what we were missing...until now.

For those of you who know very little about it, TiVo completely enhances your television viewing experience. You can program it to record your favorite television shows every time they come on, weekly, daily, twice a day, what have you. But that;s not all. You can pause, rewind, fast forward and slow motion those shows as you watch them at a later date....AND you can pause, rewind, and slow motion REGULAR TV!!! So if you are in the middle of a program and you decide you need to leave the room to get the baby settled, YOU CAN PAUSE THE PROGRAM! And that's NOT ALL! You can program in the names of your favorite actors, directors, and topics and it will give you alist of the upcoming programs that particular person/topic will be showing on and you can decide which programs you would like to record. AND if it is getting ready to record something for you and you have forgotten...you have forgotten that special show is coming up in just a few moments. You reach for the remote to turn the channel but TiVo REMINDS YOU that you want that program recorded and asks you if you are sticking with that plan or watching something new!

And there are so many other great features, like networking to your computer so you can play all of the music in your iTunes or look at all of your iPhotos on the television, and it allows you to record all of your homevideos onto TiVo and then view them on the tv. All of the videos and all of the recorded programs can then be recorded onto DVD's. IT IS AMAZING! Can I get a witness?!!!


Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

YES! Tivo has changed my life...FOREVER. I can't imagine it being taken away. I don't have to worry about being home on Wednesday night as to not miss Lost...I can watch it whenever I get home. And I can watch an hour program in 40 minutes. It's GREAT! However...I seem to be watching SO MUCH more TV now because of it. Oh well...there's worse things in life! I HEART TIVO!

12:07 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

TIVO makes it so you don't have to be in bondage to TV schedules to see your favorite shows!!! You can watch it when you get a chance.... so for instance if plans come up with friends on the night of your favorite show you don't have to choose!!! You can be social and catch the show the next night. We love it too!!!!

5:16 PM

Blogger andrea said...

yes, I'll be your witness. even though I don't have it. but will. someday soon.

oh tivo. don't you know? can't you understand? we BELONG together.

7:30 PM

Blogger meridith said...

ok, i LOVE that you wrote this post. i have experienced tivo twice this week and it changed my life. i do not have it and i feel a serious hole exists in my life now. it's freaking awesome!!!!!!!! the pausing, the recording, the finding of the actors you love. all of it! all of IT! i want it NOW!

7:30 PM

Anonymous panther paws said...

Going to send nate and you our video clips tomorrow and hope you all can convert! Loved catching up on your blogs with the funny things the girls have done. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED WITH THOSE TWO SWEETHEARTS! THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THOSE TWO AND YOU TWO AS WELL!

10:11 PM


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