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Saturday, May 20, 2006


5:00pm Family heads to park to visit with sister-in-law, her visiting friend, and cousins.

6:00pm Drive to popular Atlanta pizzeria, Fellini's for some dinner.

6:15pm Sun is shining brightly as tables are arranged and our family ends up on the sunny side of the table. (note: the temp was about 80 degrees.)

6:30pm Waiting patiently for the pizza to arrive. Baby who is supposed to be asleep in stroller is wide awake wanting to be part of the action. Big girl is under the table playing....something.

6:40pm Waiting less patiently in the blazing sun for the orders to arrive. Baby is still ready for action, Big Girl is now complaining about the sun, asking regularly "Where's my pizza? Where's my pizza?"

6:45pm Pizza arrives...for the four of us, anyway. I am now sitting in sweaty jeans watching beads of sweat roll down Nate's face as he tries to visit with the rest of the table (sitting comfortably in the shade : ) Big Girl digs into her meal, so I figure I better dig in to before Im on kid duty. Decide to stand to eat to avoid what I call "sweat bottom."

7:00pm Big Girl is on the verge of a break down. We head home quick.

7:30pm Begin feeding Baby who is frantic due to lack of sleep. When I try to burp her between sides, she gets hysterical and I must bypass the burp and head to the next round quickly.

8:00pm Baby is done eating, but nowhere near sleep. Too many burps because we didnt burp between sides (she's a burping kinda baby.) Spend thirty minutes in a cycle of bed, up, burp, bed, up, burp.

9:00pm and Baby and Big Girl are sound asleep.

9:15pm Decide to sit and watch some tv rather than clean house. Husband and I decide to actually turn the tv off and chat.

10:45pm Head to bed with the knowlege "you never know what the night holds so it's good to sleep when you can."

10:46pm Neighbor decides to throw a party. Lights come on, cars show up. People are laughing and having a good time with no regard for sleepy mommy in the window above them.

2:45am Party winds down and last car leaves. Hubby is still working in the studio. Say to self "well, at least there are 5 hours left to sleep."

4:15am Baby is awake and cooing.

4:45am Baby is still awake. Not crying, but definitely wanting some attention.

5:00am Realize sleep is for whimps (of which I am the biggest) and sneak into baby's room to try to put pacifier into baby's mouth without being seen.

5:15am Baby is still talking, but with pacifier in her mouth. Lie awake wondering what to do next. Hubby is passed out assuming Ive already had several hours of sleep.

5:30am Baby has lost pacifier and is getting very frantic. Run thru the list "Dirty diaper?" "Burp?" "Desperately sleepy?" Decide to try pacifier once more. Hide beside side of crib, reach arm over, feel for pacifier, find mouth hole, insert the piece. Baby calms and I collapse to the floor. Find baby towel from bath time and cover my legs with it. Wait to see if baby sleeps.

5:45am All is quiet, decide to sneak back to my own bed. Sigh deeply as I lay my head on the pillow.

5:46am Birds begin chirping.

5:47am Someone at noisy neighbor house decides to start of the car.

7:25am Hear Big Girl door open. Mommy springs into action.

8:00am Get Baby and Big Girl fed, go tell Hubby he's on deck for duty.

9:00am Burp Baby til I cant burp her anymore and put her down for nap. Call Hubby in for Daddy duty.

9:30am Decide to take a shower to wash away the sleep. Big Girl wants to join me (she loves showers but is too little to shower alone yet.) Realize time alone is for whimps, besides I thrive on constantly entertaining others.

9:45am Hubby is back asleep on the bed. Shower is over and I realize somewhere under Hubby is my retainer. (side note: yes, i still wear my retainer. The sleep deprived me had taken it off while feeding the baby and set it on my pillow. Gross? Maybe. But on with the story.)

9:46am Begin desperate search for retainer. Hubby half looks then says "well, im going out here." Demand that Hubby stays to look with me. Hubby says, "I JUST want to have a good day." (Here insert animated photo of dragon with smoke billowing from his nostrils). Errupt into a flaming, spewing, venomous "Why in the WORLD did you have to say something like that?" bit and become the freak he was assuming I was when I first flipped out over losing the retainer. (Note: I wasnt in a bad mood to begin with....but yes, I was after the comment.)

9:50am Hubby begins ripping sheets and pillows off the bed while I rant about how ineffective that is in finding a small retainer. Big Girl stands at end of the bed saying "Im helping!!" Continue searching while reminding everyone to "SSHHHHH!" because the baby is sleeping.

9:52am Hubby decides this is the perfect time to quiz me on the reasons why I still wear "the stinkin thing." Begin wondering to self how Hubby became such an expert on orthodontics considering he has never had braces, or a retainer, for that matter.

10:00am Retainer is found. Bed is remade. Hot and sweaty after searching for retainer. Day is off and running.....


Blogger mommy zabs said...

aw man i feel for you. I know those kinda days are hard! They hit so randomly too!

4:37 PM

Blogger andrea said...

oh, I feel you. and I'm so sorry that you guys got stuck in the sun that night at fellini's...!

10:05 AM


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