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Sunday, May 21, 2006

meme me

Glamorous Jo had this fabulous little meme posted and i thought i might participate...

Accent: It was a non accent until i moved south. although nate always said i would say things like "bayg" instead of "bag" and "rayg" instead of "rag." I dont think this is a regional accent, but maybe just some weird thing i used to do.

Booze: I drank for the last time at the age of 20. Probably drank enough prior to that to last me a life time. I quit drinking because it wasnt for the taste but for the feeling, and I usually regreted most everything I did while drinking. Sometimes I miss it, oddly enough, but I certainly dont need it in my life. I do enough stuff I regret already!

Chore I Hate: Just one? I suppose I'd have to say WASHING DISHES BY HAND SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

Dogs/Cats: make me sneeze.

Essential electronics: TIVO (thus including TV in the mix) and a computer.

Favorite perfume/cologne: these make me sneeze too.

Gold/Silver: ya know, i have gone back and forth between the two since the 80's, and really, it doesnt matter. at this point i only wear my wedding band anyway.

Hometown: Walla Walla, Washington. Born and raised til the age of 18.

Insomnia: I have it once in a while, but usually I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I pass out and wake up at the first sound of a child.

Job Title: I am the ....oh why try something witty when it all comes down to M.O.M. The hardest job I have ever had, and the best job Ive ever had. I love my job....but I just wish it came with some vacation days or a few weekends off here and there!

Kids: Are sooo great. And so exhausting. And sooo amazing! And such stinkers. And sooo special! And sooo needy. And sooo very dear to me. And so three years old. And so 5 months old. And sooooo much the light of my life!

Living Arrangements: Married with children

Most Admired Trait: does this mean a trait of mine that people admire? I have absolutely no idea.

(I have removed this question because...well...its a bit too personal to me!)

Overnight Hospital Stays: Besides two c-sections, Ive been in a few times as a kid (adnoids removed, tubes in ears, etc.)

Phobias: It should say "What phobias DONT you have?" Im basically a big fear ball.


Religion: I am a Believer in Christ.

Siblings: I have had in the course of my life, including today, 5 step siblings, and one adopted brother. But I am an only child and neither of my parents have had any other kids biologically.

Time I usually wake up: WWAAAYYY to early for me. Or as my husband says, "A quarter past 'WHAAAAA!'"

Unusual talent: I can curl my toes under my feet and walk on the "toe knuckles". My daughter does the same thing--I guess it is genetic.

Vegetable: I have to say I like most of them. Except some of the crazy beans in the bean family.

Worst habit: No idea. I grind my teeth, but Nate jumped in and said that's not the worst...(thanks honey) I suppose I leave the cabinets open and I also leave piles of things around the house to remind me I need to organize them.

X-rays: too many to count.

Yummy foods I make: A great roast, and a great crispy chicken recipe, and soups.

Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius. No idea what it means or whether or not I have spelled it correctly.


Blogger joy madison said...

bayg rayg etc are TOTALLY washington accents.....everyone that is originally from here says that! I was cracking up when I read that! I had NEVER heard that kind of accent till we moved to seattle!

3:07 AM

Blogger mommyreid said...

How bout posting that crispy chicken recipe..sounds yummy..

8:56 PM

Blogger andrea said...

this is a good one! I've seen this one floating around... might have to do it. haven't done a meme in a while and am starting experience feelings of withdrawal.

10:07 AM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

As usual, I really enjoyed reading that and it was so interesting! You have a lot of very good traits, I might add, and I admire you for keeping things in perspective: your faith and your family. You are so good to your husband and your two girls!

8:09 PM


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