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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sesame Street

Such a great show and so many wonderful memories watching it. I think it should qualify as my missed "Things I LOVE Thursday." Anyhoo, we were watching this past week and it was a rerun, (ya know, the one where Elmo turns into a bird and Big Bird tries to help him become a monster again...) and one of my favorite guest stars sang her soulful rendition of the A-B-C's.

"Patti The Bell?" asked Luxie, head cocked to the side. "No, Patti La Belle" I clarified, as we joined in with the choir of monsters soul clapping to Patti's song. It is the best ABC's version I have ever heard. Wish I could sing it for you, because it has played in my head for days now and I have it memorized, but I could never do it justice. Too bad she doesnt do a children's album because I would happily forfeit oodles of children singing the classics to pop in a disc with songs by woman like her!


Blogger andrea said...

sesame street, really just the best. my world was broadened because of sesame street. living in a small town in southern illinois, we didn't see too many people that weren't white. sesame street was how I found out the whole world wasn't white.

and I know that patti labelle version of the abc song and it is so good. thank goodness for sesame street.

10:13 AM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

Patty, the Bell! Ha! How sweet! I miss those girls! Tell them pawpaw misses them, and loves them!

8:01 PM


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