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Saturday, June 03, 2006

days are, once again,....

flying by! We are in the process of getting our house ready to sell, and it is a BIG task. We have lived here 4 years, and although we had a big clean before the baby arrived (remember that blog I had about "dejunkifying" the house?) the things that have gotten out of order need straightened, and then there are things that need fixed.

Our home is from the 50's, so the bathrooms and kitchen, while reasonably clean, are just not crispy clean. Older homes just have more wear and tear on them. Like the bathroom sinks, which were installed into the tile that covers the walls. They need replaced, but we dont have the money to take them out and redo the entire bathroom. So we had to replace the handles and nozzles just to spruce them up a little. And then the touch up painting, and organizing of things, and then cleaning. I have yet to do the deep down dirty cleaning that needs to be done, and i admit i am procrastinating! Partly due to the fact that i just dont like doing it, and partly due to the fact that it is much more difficult to find time to clean while taking care of the kids.

It has been so challenging! the last time we moved nate and i could fully devote our attention to the tasks that needed to be done, and we enjoy working together. in fact, if it werent for having kids, we would probably flip houses together. I am a very task oriented person, and have to remind myself to put people first. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is just how my personality is set up. I do much better working behind the scenes, assisting others, accomplishing work, than dealing with people or leading. So, as much as having children has really helped me with this, (in fact, to some extent i have gone overboard trying to show that they are more important and have done too much) when big things come up like moving, i become hostile! My mind is torn in two and i battle myself because i would prefer to be getting things done, but feel guilty because the kids keep requiring my attention.

I WANT TO ORGANIZE! I love to get things in order and honestly, being a mom i have given up on that to a certain extent. I have decided that spending time with Luxie is more important than my clean house. Maybe there is a way to balance it, but i havent figured it out yet. So to me, it is one or the other and i have chosen the other. BUT in my heart, deep down inside, I want to be helping more with the move! Everytime I start on something the baby needs fed, or is crying, or luxie needs attention because i have spent all day with the baby and trying to clean, and then there is me. I have begun to crave showers, because they are basically my only alone time!

Anyhoo, Nate has been tackling the big tasks and I have been doing what I can to help, and we are getting there! And I am so excited! Our home has been great, but I really look forward to something new. I think change is tough, but sometimes very refreshing and GOOD for us. I am excited to see what happens.


Blogger meridith said...

i hear what you are saying.
it's sad but sometimes the person i think i can relate to in the Bible the most is martha. i would have been so annoyed at mary just hanging out while there were guests and meals to prepare.
sometimes i would rather just do stuff myself instead of spending the time explaining how to do it to someone.

anyway. i think it's hard to find a balance between getting stuff done and not getting frustrated. i pray that you will find that balance.

& it's exciting that you may have a new place to live!

12:57 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

You were always such a great worker in our camps and I could tell you loved to get things done and get them organized. I am excited about the possibility of you guys getting a new home! No one deserves it more!

9:16 PM


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