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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hi there everyone!

A few things going on these days. Mars ILL's next album "ProPain" will be released October 19th and we are gearing up for that. I definitely recommend it (I know I'm particularly biased) but this is just a great album.

Our daughter has really hit her stride. At 18mos she is definitely her own individual and her spunky little personality is shining thru! Lately I have noticed her understanding a mimicking me a lot more. I was talking to her dad about her biting her shoe and happened to glance over at her and she had gotten her shoe and started biting it again! My mom recently visited and said "You just can't get away with anything around her!" She was putting on her makeup and making that funny face ladies sometimes do when they put on mascara. Our girl was watching her and when grandma looked down at her she caught sight of her trying to make the same face! Every time I yawn she opens her mouth real wide and breathes out real heavy, cracking me up. I dropped some food on the floor the other day and said "Shoot!" Suddenly from behind me I heard "Shhhh!" (her attempt to copy me) Oops!

But marriage and family are so great! Any of you who are married out there will know what I mean. You know, I really dont think there is any greater compromise you have to make in life than in marriage....and then in having children. I was recently talking with a friend of mine who has been married three months and he was gently mentioning how the "getting used to eachother" is setting in. When I first got married there were a few things about my husband I was SURE would change after I got my hands on him. First, he is the sleepiest person I have ever met! He can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation! He has funny hours because of his work, which add to his odd sleep habits, but seriously, I have never met anyone who can sleep like he does. He also has this crazy way of cleaning by "hiding" everything. Meaning, everything is put away and the house appears to be clean, but nothing was put in it's proper place, just "hidden" from view. Another funny quirk he has is only concentrating on one thing at a time. For instance, if he is on the phone I am FORBIDDEN from interrupting him in any way shape or form. If I try to throw in a comment or correct something he is saying I am either completely ignored or he gets so out of sorts you would think I threw an unexpected glass of water on his face while he was speaking! I literally have to stand in front of him and raise my hand in order to be adressed. And sometimes that doesnt even work!

Now Im not saying there arent plenty of quirks I came into the marriage with, believe me, sometimes my quirks irritate me! But it is quite amazing to me just how different two people can be, and that is why I say marriage is one of the greatest compromises we make in life. And then just when you begin to get used to it you think "hey, this isnt so bad, we've got the hang of it! Why dont we have kids!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's very funny about the phone thing. Andrea is not so bad at that, but she has her moments. It was hard at first to get her used to me interrupting her, interjecting something before she got too far along. She does hate it if there are two people talking to her, one on the phone, the other in front of her. Gets very irritated and shuts me down. Oh well.


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