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Saturday, October 16, 2004

a day in my life

I have been participating in a play group of sorts in a nearby area and have gotten to know some of the moms pretty well. One mom and I always kinda hang out together. We dont know each other real well, but we have kids around the same age and we enjoy chit chatting so I always enjoy running into her.

One day Melanie (the one I know best) invited me to meet at Starbucks and then walk down to the park together with the kids. I thought she meant the park just two blocks away that we usually see each other at, so as I got ready that morning I put on my corduroy capris and flip-flops and got myself all "spruced up" for the day. Well she showed up in her sweats and tennis shoes with no make up and a ponytail and asked if I would mind walking to the other park nearby. Little did I know she meant the park I usually drive to about a mile away.

As we started walking I began to realize just where we were headed and how far we had to go. Not wanting to make things awkward I acted like it was no big deal...I mean, I had agreed to the whole thing so I certainly couldnt back out now! To make matters worse I havent really exercised since I was pregnant and there were lots of hills! I didnt have any water with me since I had assumed we were just walking a few blocks and as I approached each hill I swore I'd never leave home without it again. I was sweating like a pig in my good clothes, flip flops flying all over the place....in fact finally I took them off and climbed the hills barefooted...my mascara was probably running faster than I was! As I dug thru my pockets I was thrilled to find a hairband so at least I could put my hair up.

When we finally got to the park all I could think about was the huge walk home. Once we got started and were about half way I mentioned going a different direction (that I knew was a shorter walk back towards my car) but somehow I didnt state my case clearly and she thought I would get lost that way and assured me the way home was "this" direction. I hated to protest since I had mistakenly mentioned in the beginning never having been to this park before! So we went the full way home! I felt like such a fool the rest of the way--I kept saying ridiculous things like "I dont know why I wore these shoes!" and "No really, it's much easier climbing the hills barefoot pushing a 20 lb baby!" and "Boy, (huff huff) I didnt realize I was so outta shape!" Or my favorite "I will definitely dress more appropriately next time! What was I thinking?" These days we've decided to just meet at the park.


Blogger jon said...


sorry. that was just hilarious.

"When we finally got to the park all I could think about was the huge walk home"

i've been in situations like that before. thankfully the last time was on my way to work, where i got to sit down for about 8 hours before contemplating the walk back up and down the hill to the car wash. i was anticipating i could catch a bus back as well.

i ended up not cathing the bus, but the walk back was not nearly as steep as the walk to.

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