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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Top 5 cute things lulu did this week...

5. I caught her sitting on the floor putting plastic eggs (yes, THE imfamous plastic eggs) into a container while doing her best to say "One, Two, THREE!" It sounded more like "Uh, Ta, EEEE!"

4. She has begun to say a few more words, and a particular song we made up allows her to use many of them at once. It's very simple. It goes, "da DA, da DA, da DA," followed by "ma MA, ma MA, ma MA," which is then followed by "pa PA, pa PA, pa PA." (you get the hang of it....!)

3. At the park she has decided she doesnt like walking thru the bark/wood chips so she asks to be carried from jungle gym to swings, back to slide, and across the grass. I think we forget that it's about ankle high grass to us, but knee high to her! But her daddy doesn't mind carrying her a bit.

2. She now likes to wear one pair of socks on her feet and another pair on her hands.....We thought the "sock-hands" had ended but a book featuring a pair of mittens rekindled the obsession.

1. She has learned to say "NO." But the thing is, she says it so funny we cant resist giggling when she says it. She puts her lips into the tiniest circle (this is also her "surprised" face when her eyes are opened wide) and holds them there long after saying the word. So basically she forms her lips, says "NO" then leaves her lips in a circle. So cute!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that girl. she is so cute, I can't stand it. this is the fun part- all the interesting and individual little quirks of their personality that start to emerge and take shape... really, it is so wonderful that you are writing about these things because you think you will remember them all, but you won't. there will be some that will stick with you and there will be some that will just eventually (and quite unbelievably) slip away from your memory. then you will remember that you wrote about the little things and you will go back, read it and laugh hysterically (and most likely cry a little, too...). so, keep us posted. we love that little lulu.

9:32 PM

Blogger Elias said...

She is around the same age as my daughter and it's funny how they are doing so much stuff with language. Very exciting.

4:19 PM


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