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Thursday, November 04, 2004

On to other things

So now that Ive got the election off my chest I can fill you in on the rest of our lives. Our girl has been growing by leaps and bounds! Not in size, necessarily, but in vocabulary. Im not kidding she says something new everyday. She has also become quite a spitfire/passionate/ ok-lets-face-it-whiny little thing. Now I know this is just a phase and she is mainly whining due to lack of vocabulary but seriously...is there a more terrible sound that has every been created? Maybe fingernails on the chalkboard but both have the same effect on me. I dont think it would be so bad if it werent the EXACT SAME SOUND REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL I NOTICE! One time I counted and she did it FIFTY times in a row. FIFTY! If she could change it up a bit, you know, some long whines with some short whines, maybe even some different pitches I think I could take it a bit longer. I must say a thousand times a day "Too much whining!" Which she follows with "pees" (her "please".) I love the "pees" and would be happy to reward it every single time to get rid of the whining but then I'd never be saying no. So we are in a sort of limbo state. The vocabulary is definitely increasing ("pees" "poo-poo" "dudi"-(dirty) "boo-boo" and "apoo"-(apple) are the latest additions) but the whine is still used where words are lacking.

As far as I am concerned I am stuck in the film "Groundhog Day" (props to Catherine for coining that term for a mom's life!) And I cant seem to find my way out. Instead of that eldery woman in the commercial they should make a new one for moms "Help, Ive fallen into a rut, and I cant get out!" OK I digress. But EVERY DAY SEEMS EXACTLY THE SAME! I actually find it quite amazing. I dont write this to complain but just out of sheer amazement at the situation! Here's my day to a T: (times have been adjusted according to the time change (Jon I liked your blog about it-so true.)
730 wake up to alarm (aka daughter)
745 breakfast
800 wonder "what in the world are we going to do today" as if I dont already know!
830 get myself together and ready
900 wonder "it's only 900? what in the world are we going to do today?"
930 clean up breakfast, do a few other chores and make up my mind to leave the house
1000 drive aimlessly around until we end up at a) thrift store b) park c) grocery store
1130 head home for lunch
1200 lunch
1230 nap time !!!!! (mommy begins emailing, blogging, surfing the net, hitting the message boards or sleeping)
230 rustling sound from daughter's room "AAA! hurry and finish up, round two is on!"
300 wonder "what in the world are we going to do today?
330 drive aimlessly around until we end up at a) some errand b)park c) other park
500 head home to make dinner
600 dinner
700 family time
800 bedtime!!!

OK, now I know I have it good. I am VERY thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my girl (and hopefully other children as they come) and I would most certainly choose this over the old 9-6. I am so thankful to have seen her first steps, heard her first words, witness her new discoveries, and spend so much time giving and receiving love. But I do think that mom's often get little respect for their situation because it seems like the lap of luxury to those listening to a boss tell them what to do all day long. I applaud mothers of all ages for the incredible self sacrifice it takes to raise up a child. No, it isnt hard hanging out at home or driving over to the park every afternoon. But what IS hard is dedicating virtually every moment of every day to the wants and needs of another human being you can hardly communicate with and cannot expect a whole lot from. Yes there are definitely moments, hours, afternoons I have to myself, but in the end it all comes back to the girl. This once helpless tiny gift that was given to my husband and I to mold and shape and teach and care for especially love. The most difficult task you could ask of anyone--take responsibility for the life of another. And in some strange, self gratifying way I like it. As much as I cant stand the whines, and feel like I pick up and put away the same toys in the same place and make the same meals sitting in the same chair barking out the same orders day after day I know I have it good. I love my family. Well, perfect timing! Naptime's over...(wonders "what in the world will we do today?")


Blogger joy madison said...

Don't I feel your pain! Everyday is the same. That's why I'm a scrapbooker. At least I have that for myself. I agree that the hardest part is definately the whole "every person (even the dad) needing you constantly" thing.

2:17 AM


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