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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


"Rain Rain Go AWAY!" It has been raining now for three days and although we are supposed to get a break Thurs and Fri, it is supposed to be back by the weekend and rain again until next Wed! I am truly thankful for rain and the great way it waters the earth and provides our drinking water and water for our plumbing, but so many days in a row gets a little depressing. I sure miss being able to take our girl to the park, play outside, and just see sunshine!

I love being outside--I live for sunshiny days and blue skies. And I realize that they wouldnt look quite so wonderful without lots of rain to grow the flowers and trees and fill the rivers and streams. So I will wait patiently for the clouds to roll away and bring some sun! Have a great Wed! (and a little shout out to my brother in law, Happy Birthday!)


Blogger jon said...

waaaa waaaa waaaa.

we live in Seattle. 'nuff said

j(although we've had a number of gorgeous days)

10:02 PM


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