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Saturday, December 04, 2004

10 days and counting...

Til my birthday! I will be a whopping 32 years old. It's funny, I remember when my mom was 32 and I was...11! Crazy. It seems like forever ago. And to think my mom was actually so young when I was assuming she was so old!

It's crazy how the blinders are taken off our eyes each year of life. In high school you think you KNOW EVERYTHING. You've reached the top! No one can tell you anything! It doesnt get any better, right? Then you hit college or the work force, and it is a whole new ball game. I think getting a real job is the biggest initiation into adulthood. And getting a house/moving out on your own. Once the bills start rolling in and you realize, "I gotta pay for heat?" "I gotta pay for electricity?" you start to see the big picture. Growing up I didnt think ONCE about paying for lights, water, heat. But I sure did appreciate them. Now it's like you cant open the mailbox without a bill showing up. To me, that is adulthood.

And you start to see things in a whole new perspective as you get older. Suddenly, going out every Friday night just aint gonna happen. And actually, Im not sure I could stay up past 1:00 am. Getting a good night's sleep becomes important. You start to crave "alone time," and "looking cool" takes second place to being comfortable. I think life gets more REAL as you get older. The fantasy begins to fade and reality sets in. Which is good. Because then you are really experiencing life.


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from dluv......thanks for posting this i enjoyed reading it

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