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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Not much going on around here. More of the same just now. (See post about how every day is the same...)

I need to clean the house, wash the dishes, dust, do a little laundry, etc, but I cant. I just cant. Nope. Dont wanna. No can do. Aint gonna do it. No way no how. Uh-uhn. Instead I am going to rest. Relax. Sit back. Maybe take a nap. Close my eyes. Veg-out. Take it easy. Im not doing it and no one can make me. Do you want to go wash out all the bowls of leftovers I just tossed? Didnt think so. Remember I dont have a dishwasher to do it for me. Do you want to put away all the toys I've been putting away day after day? No? Didnt think so. What I do want to do is get me a big ole Big and Tasty from McDonald's and chow down on it. But Im too lazy. Im just going to sit here and think about how Big and Tasty those Big and Tasty's are. Although I dont always like the chunky onions. I think I will think about getting one without onions. Yeah..there we go. I love that drip of Big and Tasty sauce that always oozes out of the bottom after I take a bite. MMMM. Is that Big Mac sauce? No, I dont think so. Probably just mayo and ketchup mixed. But it always tastes better when McDonald's makes it. My mouth is watering now. And then a little sip of coke to wash it down. which is funny because I dont drink coke, but when I did it always went well with McDonald's. That little "pazazz" kind of "spritz" of bubbly carbonation always went well with the burger. Im lovin it.


Blogger joy madison said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mcdonalds and chipotle (a sister of mcdonalds) has the best coke and dt. coke (my personal fav) in the world!!!!!!!

6:22 PM


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