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Friday, September 09, 2005

My Girl

Here she is, playing on the firetruck at the park. I cant believe she is 2 1/2 now and more like a girl than a toddler or baby! This has been an exciting week for us because the biggest event in the life of a two year old has begun...potty training.

I wanted to start a few months ago but with the pregnancy I was feeling so icky that I just couldnt bring myself to begin. So now that Im in the "glory days" of pregnancy (if there are any : ) I jumped to it. It is my goal to have the whole thing accomplished before the new baby arrives in December.

So we went out and bought the neat "undies" and made a big deal about "tomorrow we are going to wear our undies and go potty on the toilet like a big girl!" Just as planned the next morning we changed her out of her diaper, put on her undies and let her run around the house without her clothes on. That day we went thru all seven pairs of underwear due to accidents! But I could tell she was becoming more aware of her body and what made the mess! At the end of the day I put her diaper on her before bed and just before we put her down she asked "I can go potty in my diaper?" I was so impressed! In that short period of time she had realized the concept of waiting before going!

Yesterday was day two and I was soooo proud of her--not one accident! She went potty in her little chair 4 times throughout the day, only wearing her diaper at nap time and bed time. It was very cute watching her play, then suddenly dash thru the house to her potty chair and make it just in time, thrilled to be rewarded with a marshmallow for her great accomplishment! (She LOVES marshmallows.) That afternoon I needed to get a couple of things at the store for dinner and she refused to wear a diaper, so we ventured out in her underwear and she made it home without a problem! I must have asked her 50 times if she had to go!

I realize that this is only the beginning and there will be accidents to come, especially with bedtimes, but I am so thankful that the concept is real to her! That, to me, was half the battle. I feel such relief over the whole situation-- I think we just might get it done before December!


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Blogger mommy zabs said...

YAY! I bet you are so proud!!! :)

10:01 AM

Blogger andrea said...

oh my goodness, she looks so old in that photo... so beautiful!

as for the potty training, I just had a feeling that she was going to get the concept really quickly... I am so proud of that little luxie lu (and you, too)... it's not easy and you are definitely well on your way to accomplishment!

3:38 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

Yay!!!! what a good girl!!!

11:50 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

oh yeah, and that picture is beautiful!

11:51 PM


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