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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time flies

Well, I am finally flying home tomorrow with my Luxie Lu--prayers are much appreciated. We were originally intended to head home Monday, but with fears of Katrina heading over Atlanta, and fears of being stuck in Salt Lake City with a two year old for a couple of days, I postponed my flight til tomorrow. I am anxious over the whole event, and about the looming gas prices. Over $3.50 a gallon now! Guess we will be stuck finding stuff to do at home rather than running about town!

I am excited to get home for several reasons. The biggest reason being fall is coming. Yes, it is a ways off, but a new season means new things to do, and fall means the holidays are approaching, the new baby is coming, and cooler weather in the Southeast. We have so many things happening before the end of the year and I am really looking forward to it all. We hope to take a trip to Nate's parents' home (if we can afford it with gas prices so high!) Im embarrassed to say Luxie has never been there, but it will be a nice little get away as a family and I know she will have a wonderful time. Then, mid October we usually head to the Georgia mountains with Nate's sister Andrea and her family to pick out our pumpkins at this great big pumpkin farm. Last year we had to cancel due to illness so I am really looking forward to it! Of course the end of October means Halloween, and I think Luxie will really be able to participate in picking out her costume and trick-or-treating this year, so again, it should be lots of fun.

After that it's November, with it's deliciously chilly weather, and Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way. The time will fly, especially with hopes of having Luxie potty trained before the new baby girl arrives in December. Ok, Ok, so I am really jumping ahead here. But I love having things to do, events on the calendar, stuff to look forward to, and upon arrival tomorrow evening at the Atlanta airport my new adventures begin.


Blogger andrea said...

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! we have missed you two so much... we'll be thinking of you, praying for a safe (and stress-free) trip home!

we have a fantastic fall season ahead of us!

3:26 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

Be safe on the way home! We are out of gas mostly around here. I found one station that had a little left!!! I hear that a lot of evacuuees are going to atlanta.
i love looking ahead. I have a bunch of stuff to keep me busy till this baby comes too... but with our house up in arms... i'm not sure how much I will actually be doing!!! The pumpkin thing sounds like so much fun! How far away are Nates parents from you? do you guys have amtrak there? That could be a fun way to travel?

11:56 AM

Blogger molly said...

Ohhh!! I am so looking forward to autumn as well...the weather change, the pumpkin farms, the holidays, little projects, long sleeves, mulled wine, knitting....
Hope you have a safe trip home.

1:56 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

i too have fall on the brain!!!

2:11 PM


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