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Friday, September 29, 2006

Date Night

Oh, about a million years ago Nate and I went on a date to see a movie. We chose "Talladaga Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby". The movie garnered hardly a chuckle from either of us (we love Will Farrell), but this pic of Nate with Will made me laugh the rest of the evening.

Friday, September 22, 2006

"Im so excited!!"

(first day of preschool 9.15.06

Every Tuesday and Thursday on our big drive to preschool Luxie exclaims "Im so excited!" And I am too, to tell you the truth. Not only because I will have only one little one to take care of for a few hours, but also because she likes it. Im so glad she loves to go and play, and that she she is making friends. In fact, it's kinda cute because lately she has been talking about her new friend "Kate," and the other day I got to meet her. And for as little as Luxie is (she's the smallest in her class) Kate is the biggest/tallest in the class, and they make quite a pair! It just goes to show you friendships come in all shapes and sizes. She also got her first invitation to a birthday party (kate's) and she is REALLY excited. So HURRAY for school! We love you school!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

and everything halts

Oh, man. We have had a very disappointing week that just got more disappointing today. But I cant quite get too disappointed because I can see God in it all. And I am very at peace, although disappointed.

We found a GREAT house on Monday, actually one we had seen on line for a while but had not gotten around to looking at it. When we arrived we couldnt believe how much better it was than what the pictures portrayed. Vaulted ceilings, an unfinished basement perfect for Nate's studio, and a big open living space. Not to mention it was very under priced because it had been sitting empty for several months. We were thrilled! We went right home, worked the numbers and decided to make an offer the very next day at noon.

Upon arrival we learned that just two hours earlier they had received a bid. A house that just sat there for months suddenly got a bid that very morning! So they were willing to take our bid and then compare the two. We bid, and lost, so unfortunately the house was gone. So disappointing!! It was literally 4 minutes from Luxie's preschool, 10 minutes from church and I had just learned a friend from church with two kids the same age as mine was moving minutes away. Needless to say we were sad. But we knew that God was in control and that we had given it over to him. For some reason that house wasnt for us.

And today we found out why. The contract on our house fell thru. Our house is no longer "under contract" and is back on the market. So disappointing. It is sooo hard to start from scratch! Back at square one! Continuing that 40 minute drive to Luxie's school twice a week and 20 minute drive to church several times a week. But we now know why we didnt get the first one, thanks be to God for his protection in that matter. And we will keep looking and hoping and trusting. But.....ugh. So disappointing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

new pics

Hi friends! We are on the search for houses and crazy busy, but thought I would post these new photos of the girls. Zaine is now about 9 months (on the 14th) and Luxie 3 1/2. Zaine is crawling as of this past weekend and Luxie is having a blast in preschool. I will try to get that photo off my phone and up here soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What a difference a week makes...

Wow! I hadnt realized how long it had been since I last posted. This past weekend we had some interest in our house, which has been for sale for several months now. We had some warning (thank the Lord!) and we were able to get the place extra clean the night before. Then we had a call asking to see the house Saturday morning--as Nate was flying out of town. So I did my best to keep the place clean and hit the road for a few hours. We learned that the first people made an offer, and began the back and forth negotiations while Nate was traveling by air, performing at the festival, and flying home the next day. Just before he boarded the plane to head home, we got the news that an agreement had been reached (once again, thank the Lord!)

So now we are busy searching for a new home, but not getting our hopes completely high until we are sure things are going thru. Wow! I sure hope it happens. I am ready for a change--(remember....I am not good at waiting....and how funny that that was what I was talking about and then God reads my blog and makes it happen; )

On top of that we were helping my sister-in-law move this weekend (as much as we could) and Zaine got her first tooth and became mobile, and Luxie started pre-school. I didnt think much else COULD possibly happen in one week! But I am so very glad that it did.