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Thursday, December 29, 2005

more pics

Here are a few more pictures of Nate and I with Zaine, and a photo of Luxie on Christmas. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So here's what happened...

I thought I'd post about what took place during Zaine's birth, for my records, and for anyone interested! I promise to leave out the icky details and focus on the good stuff!

On December 14th I arrived at the hospital at 10am and got checked in. By 11am they had me in my gown and Nate and I waited patiently until 11:45, when they planned to take me to the OR to prepare for the c-section. I have to say that compared to being in labor all day and then rushed into the OR for a c-section (with my first) this experience was quite relaxed and easy going. I started to get a little nervous, just knowing in a few moments we'd have the baby, and about that time they came to get me. I walked down to the OR and got my epidural (which is definitely a shot, but not so bad as they make it out to be on tv.) They started the procedure at 12:00 and she was born at 12:12! Nate was with me the whole time, and he went with the baby when they took her to get her exam. I think I fell asleep during the rest of the procedure

I was back in the recovery room by about 1:00, and was moved to my real room by 2:30. Just before then they brought Zaine in to see me and it was so great! Nate was there with me by then, and we were able to call family and see some of the pictures Nate had taken during the delivery.

That afternoon went so well, first, because I hadnt been in labor all night long so I was relatively alert, and second, because it was mid day and I was well rested. The difficult part is the beginning of the every three hour feedings. It is such a rude awakening when you have a child because suddenly you must feed every 2-3 hours regardless of how you feel or the time of day. But she ate well from the beginning and our little journey together as a family had begun!

We left the hospital a day early because I just wanted to get home and see be with my husband and Luxie, and because I was recovering so quickly compared to last time (once home I realized that had much to do with the pain killers they were giving me and had Nate run out and fill my prescription asap!) (I now understand why those things are so addictive! It is strange to know all you have to do is take the pill and suddenly everything's coming up roses!) But after the first three days or so the hormones began to adjust and things werent so overwhelming. The pain went away much quicker than the feelings of anxiety that overcame me adjusting to the new baby. It took about a week before I started to feel really comfortable with everything.

It is still crazy and difficult, but I have to say things are going smoothly and it is actually easier than I anticipated it would be. That's not to say it isnt hard, but it is not as hard as I had imagined it would be. I hate getting up all night long to feed the baby, and I sometimes feel like Luxie is being slighted (especially because she had all of my attention before) but there are some great things that have come from this experience too. For one, somehow, miraculously, they are both taking naps from around 1-3pm every day! I dont know how long this will last, but I am working to make it a regular part of the schedule! I can either sleep or get a lot of stuff done, and it is a blessing! Also, it has given me a new challenge in life, and I need change and challenges to keep me interested. I get so bored with the monotony of everyday life, and this has definitely kept me busy trying to figure out how to make it all work! And finally it has been such a blessing to see this little life and the funny faces and noises and cute little things she does. I cant wait to see how the girls grow to love eachother and play together and grow as sisters.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Zaine Olivia

Well, she has arrived! Here is a photo taken two days ago with Lux and Zaine at the hospital. (I think it is so cute that we caught a fake smile from Zaine in the picture). I am so exhausted I will just fill you in on the basics! Everything went very smoothly, and we are both doing very well. She weighed 8lbs 6oz and tht was a week early--Luxie was 7-14 a week late! But I am home now recovering and trying my hardest to remember what in the world to do with a newborn!

Hope to write more soon!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Here we gooooo!

Well folks, I am writing my last post until after the baby arrives at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, December 14th! The beautiful adventure will also mark my 33rd birthday, but to tell you the truth I keep forgetting about that! I just realized I dont have anything planned (except major surgery and the birth of my second child...) and havent even stopped to think about it much until now! Wow, it is really here. I am filled with excitement, fear, wonder, nervousness, hopefulness, and denial. Am I ready? Do I have everything I need? Is it going to be easier the second time around (the delivery)? Who will she look like? I just cant imagine what to expect!

I hope to write again soon, and will post a photo as soon as we can get around to it. If you happen to glance at the clock around noon on Wednesday please say a little prayer for me! God bless!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Quote of the Week

"Minivans are tangible evidence that evil exists." ~bumper sticker on the back of a minivan

As the driver of a 1999 Town and Country minivan I found this quote particularly funny. Maybe it is because for the first 13 years Nate and I were together we vowed....VOWED...we would never EVER own a minivan. "We are too cool for a minivan" we would say. "They are so ugly! Why would anyone want to drive one of those things!" we would say. "There are so many other options out there," we would say, "They are the epitome of yuppie-dom, everything we are not!" We would wave our "too cool for a minivan" flag high and proud, snickering at our friends who slowly but surely gave in to the family van.

Then this past spring some friends of ours decided to GIVE us for FREE their 1999 Town and Country. Granted, it had just about 100,000 miles on it and we would have to pay for tax and title....but a free car? And it was a nice color, leather interior, and, as the ultimate catch-all, a little TV/VCR action to entertain the kiddies on long road trips? Well, we ran outside and pulled down that flag faster than you can say "I love my minivan!"

Do I still believe minivans are the great evil of which we need to rid this planet? That's a tough one. I certainly lost some "cool mom" points when I went from the Scion XB to the Chrysler T&C. And I wont lie, when I pull up next to some cool kids in my van I feel really old. But it has been nice having the extra room (seats 7 comfortably) and on long trips to grandma's house the tv has come in really handy!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more ramblings...

1. I just want to know why....why must people drive slow in the fast lane? I am finding this more and more common as the end of the year approaches! I know they see the other drivers having to signal, merge right one lane, go around them and then pull back in front of them, so why do they stay there? I actually had to go around a huge motorhome pulling a trailer the other day. Why? Why was he even thinking he had permission to drive in the fast lane? I thought that if you had anything bigger than an Escalade you just sort of knew that you cant get up past 70 mph and you left that lane open for the other guys. This makes no sense to me.

2. I LOVE my new shampoo! It is Suave Milk and Honey and it smells delicious! It smells so good that I have been using it as a body wash too, and every once in a while I catch a whiff of myself during the day and think, "Gee my hair smells terrific." It was sprinkling outside Monday and I actually smelled my Milk and Honey shampoo coming to life. And the best thing about it all, with Suave, I dont have to spend a fortune on my hair. Suave just makes me look as if I do!

3. Today marks one week til the big day....I have way too many things left to do.

4. Because of my big belly I cannot get my pregnancy pants zipped or buttoned any longer. So I am having to do the funky rubberband thru the whole and around the button thing, which means my zipper stays partially opened at all times. I cannot tell whether or not people can see the opened zipper, or if my big belly and maternity shirt are covering the whole scene. This can be quite disturbing at times.

5. Finally, I love this season, I cant wait for Christmas, life is good, and I love thrift stores. there.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quote of the Week

"Here comes the stinker!"

Before I begin to post about this week's quote, I thought I'd get us started with this favorite photo of Luxie at 4 months.

This is what it's all about. When I see this shot all the hard work, sleepless nights and temper tantrums dissolve into perfect puddle of Hershey's Kisses, sweet smelling roses and my undying devotion.

Which leads me to my quote of the week and the funny story behind it.

While shopping at the thrift store this week Luxie saw a bundle of bibs hanging on the wall. As she began trying them on she would ask me what each one said. It just so happened the first one said "Here comes trouble!"

"Mama, what dis one say?"
"Ha!" I said. "That's a good one for you, it says 'Here comes trouble!"
"What dat?" she asked with an expression only a two year old can muster. See, we dont use the word 'trouble' much in our house, but we do use a couple of other words like 'rascal' and 'stinker.'
"Well, it's like, 'Here comes the stinker!" And before I could finish she started cracking up into a hysterical fit of laughter!
"Hee comes da stinka!" she proclaimed in a fit of giggles.

And I couldnt help but join her. Because as much as she is a little stinker sometimes, that little stinker can manage to be the cutest stinker I've ever seen. Maybe it is because I got to share that funny moment with her. Maybe it is because her new found recognition of humor has been so fun to witness. Maybe it is because I get to catch a glimpse of that bright eyed baby in her delicious laughter. It was my favorite moment this week.