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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweener

The mysterious "Halloweener" popped up in conversation earlier this week. Who is the "Halloweener" you ask? Well the person in charge of Halloween, of course! Luxie and Zaine had a great time this evening and I couldnt wait to post a picture of my favorite little lion and the sweetest Tinkerbell I ever did see. Hope you had a fun evening too!

Friday, October 27, 2006

tv time

There are so many great shows on this fall I thought I would fill you in on what we are watching. Nate and I have always loved watching television and films together. I know sometimes it isnt the best thing, but it is something we both enjoy. We both have our favorites and our guilty pleasures, and of course our must see tv. We dont watch every single one of these shows every week, but thru the power of Tivo we get to enjoy them whenever time allows. So here we go!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (definitely a guilty pleasure. I tear up every week.)
Brothers and Sisters (havent watched every episode, but it's a good Tivo save for Fri or Sat nites home)

Prison Break (Nate's show)
Heroes (very interesting--a little gross at times)
Studio 60 (very smart and a little controversial)

Friday Night Lights (something new)

30 Rock (it has good moments)
LOST (of course!)
Top Chef (great)

Survivor (an old friend we Tivo)
The Office (so good!)
Grey's Anatomy (another guilty pleasure)

Men In Trees (sweet little show I rather enjoy)

There are so many others Ive heard are good, but really, Nate and I both agree we just cant handle another! What are you watching?

Monday, October 23, 2006


"We're going to the line leader festival. Would you like to come?"

Wondering where this festival is held and just what happens there I agreed. "Sure! What's the line leader festival?"

"It's where we all get to take turns being line leader!" But of course!

Line leading has become quite a big deal around this house, along with sitting "criss-cross applesauce", singing songs about "special me" and making sure to pack fruit treats in our "book bag" to eat during snack time at school.

I really must apologize, but it seems my life has been consumed by a highly energetic preschooler and a baby set on walking before her first birthday. And if those excuses arent satisfying enough, well, Im still without my trusty ole personal computer. (not to be confused with an actual "pc" because in this house, we live and die by the apple:) That means waiting patiently thruout the day for my husband to relenquish his, and for a small window of opportunity to type a few sentences without interruption. The probability of these two events occuring at the exact same moment is right up there with being struck by lightning or winning the lottery. In fact, I would venture to guess I will actually be struck by lightning first, then, due to overwhelming sympathy, finally get my own computer and begin blogging again regularly. My first blog back will be a stream of thought entry about how I wish I'd won the lottery instead.

Ok, on to life and the real stuff. Luxie LOVES preschool. The first day I dropped her off she headed inside without so much as a kiss or a "goodbye." She still loves it and looks forward to going each week, and I love the little glimpses I get into her world without me/us. It's strange, really, that from here on out the rest of the world will have a major part in influencing her life. And that is why I feel so strongly about making the most of the time I have left with them at home. Yes, it is crazy, and frustrating, and seriously, I had NO IDEA how HARD it would be to raise kids. No idea. At all. I look around at moms at the grocery store, and at church, and at the park and all these thoughts rush thru my head. "Oh look, she's pregnant...no kids yet? Little does she know....Hope she's ready....Hope she's sleeping now...." Or "Oh, she has just one? And I thought it was tough then...Oh the free time I had then...Yes, two is harder...." And to the mom with two kids I think "Yes, she gets me...she is right there with me....go on girl! You go! Yes, Im right there with you!" Then I see the moms with three, "Wow...can I do it? Can I really take that step knowing what I know now? Am I ready? It's gotta be tougher than this...can I take it?" And when I see a mom, God bless her, with four or more... I simply move out the way. I clear a path for that woman and even lower my head to show her the respect she deserves. I stand in awe as she passes and stare in amazement. That is a WONDER woman. All moms are amazing, all deserve an incredible amount of praise and encouragement.

Yes, there is only a small window of opportunity to set our kids on the right path, and I hope that moms know how valuable this little bit of time is. They drive us crazy, they are so whiny and so loud, so messy and so naughty at times. But oh, they are so special. They are so fragile, and this world is such a hard place. They are so precious and this world cares very little for them. We are all they have to depend on. We (family) are the only sure thing they will know in this life. I remember asking a mother of 4 (whom I respect) with older children (teenagers and above) what I should do about Luxie lying. If she admits to the lie, and then confesses the truth, is she still in trouble for lying? How should I handle it? She said something Ive never forgotten, and honestly, I try to remember it when things are going crazy around here. She said, "You might discipline her for lying, but remember in the end she chose to do what's right. And life is so hard already. And it will only get harder for her. In the end, you want her to learn to choose to do what's right." Yes, life is so hard already. I had no idea that thruout life each stage would have it's own levels of toughness. It really is a battle for our kids, and I try to remind myself that these days really do count for something.

Zaine is in love with her sister, and wants to be wherever the action (aka Luxie) is. She is determined to keep up with her, and claps with joy whenever Luxie comes around. She is such a quiet girl--so easy going (thank you LORD!) and I fear at times that she will be completely outshined by her highly energetic sister. Then Luxie gets in her face and she gives a loud protest and a smack to the face and my fears subside. She may be quiet but she knows what she wants! Thank the Lord for a good eater too. They really enjoy eachother already and Im so glad. I had another mom tell me (a mom of SEVEN so I listened!) that one of the best things you can do for siblings is to encourage them to celebrate the others. Meaning, help them to learn to love the great things about eachother, even though they are different than themselves. For instance, I am helping Luxie to celebrate Zaine's achievements as she stands, and cruises, and gets toys for herself, etc. And I am teaching Zaine to clap with joy at Luxie's songs and Luxie's big jumps, etc. From what I understand, this builds a comradery (sp?) that fosters friendships later in life. I sure hope so. I pray they will be the best of friends.

OK, enough mom stuff for today. Sorry guys out there who are bored to death! But really, that's what's going on with me! Oh, and we are supposed to get a bid on the house today, so we shall see. Hopefully I will get the computer in my hands again before November!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Pumpkin Farm

Yes! we made the annual trip to the pumpkin farm this past friday with the cousins and sister and brother in law and had a ball! I will be honest, I always get hesitant as the day approaches because i am not a big fan of riding in a car for much time. I get antsy legs and have a little problem with car sickness. But it always turns out to be the best time, (especially now that Luxie is older and actually makes it thru the day without a huge tantrum due to lack of sleep.) So we had loads of fun at our picnic by the stream, taking Luxie into her first portapotty (i dont think ive said "DONT TOUCH!" so many times in my life:), strolling thru rows and rows of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and on her first hay ride! The most wonderful part of it all was the fact that on our first trip up Luxie was just 7 months old, right around the same age as Zaine (10 months) this time around. It just brought back so many memories, and that is what makes the trip worth it. The memories.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Im at it again

with my wrong word usage!

while watching "Iron Chef America" the other night the host was telling us all about squid guts (squid being the secret ingredient that night.) Nate missed the discussion, heard the words "squid guts" and let out a big "eewwww!"

"They are considered a delicatessen in some countries," I replied.

He paused for minute then said with narrowed eyes, "You mean a delicacy?" At the same time a grin began to appear on his face.

"OH, yeah, yeah, what did I say?" (something had sounded odd....)

Snicker, snicker, "it's considered a delicatessen!"

"Alright, Alright," I said. "I guess that's another one for the blog...."

So we can post this one up with my misuse of the words "calvary/cavalry" my mispronounciation of "po-ig-nant" and all the other odd phrases and usages Ive come up with. My own "pig latin" if you will. It's my own form of personal expression. Hurray for the English language!!