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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hi friends. I was tagged by mommyzabs to do this meme and you know me...im all about the memes. It's just a little short one, but still fun!

The rules are that i must list 8 facts/habits about myself, then tag others to participate should they wish.

1. When I wash my hair in the shower i almost always think of those commercials where the woman is washing her hair and how relaxed and beautiful she looks doing it, then wonder how in the world she keeps from squinting and scrunching up her shoulders. it's pretty amazing, you know?

2. I have started three different books (one was a sitcom pilot, ha!) that ive never finished. I would love to write a book one day and have it published but i have to wait until i have the time and courage to get down to it.

3. Nate says I have this habit of "looking around" when I take a drink out of my glass. I dont really understand what he is saying because Im thinking "where does everyone else look when they take a drink? The only other option is into the bottom of the glass!" I dont get it...

4. I eat a plate of cheese nachos just about every night around 10pm. Some of you are already aware of this because of previous posts on the subject, but it is one major fact/habit of mine. I just love them. On the nights I am all out of chips or salsa I am so sad. I miss my nightly snack.

5. I sometimes feel like my teeth are too big for my mouth. I will leave it at that.

6. I tried smoking for about 3 weeks during my senior year of high school. It was quite ridiculous, actually, because I have chronic asthma so I could never fully inhale. Instead I concentrated most of my effort on trying to look cool while doing it. The faking it got old quick and I quit before I really even got started.

7. I have this habit of continuing to talk if there is an awkward pause in conversation with someone I am still getting to know. I even go on to say things that make no sense in terms of the conversation sometimes. I just get so nervous I keep talking.

8. Ok, let's just let it all hang out here. In high school I worked at a local pizza place and (I cant believe Im telling you this because i would NEVER do it now) but when I would bus a table that had a whole uneaten pizza I had to throw away I would take it to the back and we would eat quick bites before throwing it out....(I say 'we' because although I cant remember anyone else doing it I am CERTAIN that there were others involved in this...)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

oh my,

where have i been? i dont even know if anyone is reading this thing anymore but i am going to go ahead and post, finally, after all this time. i tell you what, blogging is still something i really enjoy, but i just cant seem to find time right now to do it. i want to, and plan to, but never seem to get to. i am thinking that beginning August 1st i might try to post once a day just to get back into the groove.

God is really working on me right now and that may be why i have been subconsciously avoiding the blog world. Some things are just a little too complicated or personal for me to get into in unknown space. Im working thru some things that have been with me for many years now and everything seems to be right at the surface and i am not sure what to do with it all. ive had some very wise council the last few months and that is helping, but it is still right there, staring me down and i have to decide where to go next.

you know, it's real easy to know what you are supposed to do, i.e. forgive, let God, let go, but it is so difficult to actually do it. To accept the past as something you cannot change, to release those who have hurt you, to not allow the past to rule you any longer, these are works in progress. I am learning to process what happened in the past in a different light and let me tell you, there's a lot of reprocessing to do.

so here i am, reprogramming my personal computer. it is weighing heavy on me, this burden of the past, but i know this must be done to look forward to the future.