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Friday, January 28, 2005

I think

I am going to start a third blog (so far ive got Lulu's World, and Mars ILL insider that I took over for a friend.) Ive decided to start a blog based on mom stuff, because as much as i enjoy writing here, I sometimes think it would be good to have a blog just. Actually, what I will probably do is close marsillinsider and change it to the moms blog. Wont that shock everyone? All the hip-hop heads dropping by to check out some extra info on their favorite group suddenly reading about strange rashes, nursing techniques, and mommy breakdowns. Then I can dedicate this blog to both the music and my life experiences, and the other blog to mommy stuff and get some feedback (hopefully) from other moms. Great! thanks for helping me figure that out. So I am off the figure out how to change my other blog. i promise to have something fun up soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Who sent me the registration to win a Hummer 2? I got it two days ago via email...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Oh-my-gosh, oh-my-gosh-OH MY GOSH! my friend over at The-Ward-O-Matic listed this little ole site on his super duper 1000 hits a day site in his "linky links" section! What a nice surprise!!! If only he would teach me how to set this thing up properly! If you want to learn a lot about animation or just see a what a real blog should look like, take a gander at The Ward-O-Matic. His site reminds me just how technologically unadvanced I am.

On another note, why oh why do we find a pen, test it out, realize it doesnt work, and then put it back in the drawer? I tried the same pen, for the fifth time this week, a little earlier today and then proceded to put it right back in the drawer. It finally ocurred to me that I would continue trying that same pen day after day unless I threw it out. And I actually hesitated throwing it out in case it might by chance start working again. It took me 5 tries before it dawned on me that the thing wasnt going to work. What's that all about?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Top 5's

Top 5 biggest peeves Little Lu has: (in other words, here's my understanding of her top 5 biggest pet peeves.)

5. Having to give kisses/hugs on demand, ex: "Give Grandma a kiss bye-bye." "No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

4. Not being able to get socks back on after taking them off for no reason.

3. Not being able to get things into her purse (the object is too big or she doesnt turn her wrist the right way to fit it in. The madness of it all!

2. Those ridiculous flyers they place in magazines that wont let the page turn and rest properly. The page ends up popping back up eventually sending her into a fit of fury!

1. Someone else approaching her toy at the park. Ex: She is on the jungle gym not even interested in the slide and another child innocently approaches it. "No. No. NOOOOOO!" Then Mommy says, "No no. We must share, the slide belongs to everyone." Frown from child. Looks at other child. She says, "share." "Yes, share," says Mommy. You can use this format for any location, really. Bookstore, toys at home, church, Mommy putting hands on shopping cart. Daddy sitting on couch.

Ahhh, the "twos" have arrived...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

more randoms

As I was typing "more randoms" I realized how much the word "random" looks like "condom" at a glance. YIKES! More random comments I should have said! Now Ive looked too long and they both look mis-spelled. Now I cant spell misspelled..mispelled...mis-spelled...oh whatever.

Random thought
#1 Never give your child something "new" to play with right before bed.

#2 Im officially past my prime. Its over. I look at old photos and realize I was in my prime and didnt even realize it. Now it's gone and it's all down hill from here. So long youth, hello Depends.

#3Im officially over Alias. The first season was amazing. It was new and exciting and suspenseful. The second season was also good, but season three went terribly wrong. Too phony, too outlandish, too ridiculous in many ways. Ive been trying to watch this season (season 4) but they've already made two big mistakes. First, they went on and on about how this year they wouldnt make the same mistakes they did last, that they were taking it back to the original intent--character driven plots focusing on Sydney and her life. Unfortunately they left us with a great cliffhanger last year that they totally ignored in the season premier. You can change the show back to its original intent, but dont throw away the existing storyline. It's just frustrating as a viewer to come back expecting to learn some big secret and have the whole situation changed.

Second, the two lead characters (Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan) were in love on the show and the chemistry was great. Then last season they became involved outside of the show--big mistake. Because inevitably you break up then you have to go to work and act like you arr still in love with the person. And I just dont believe it anymore. It isnt coming across and that was one of the biggest "conflicts" on the show. These two love eachother but cant be together. Now they can be together but the chemistry is no longer there. I really doubt the show will last more than another season. The missions they send the agents on are so goofy, and I think they are running out of costumes for Jennifer (have you seen her latest getup?)

#4 I have to leave our Christmas tree up because we are out of lightbulbs and it's the only way to light the living room for now, as each lamp's lightbulb has burnt out. (I doubt the lamps were turned off the entire time I was away.)

#5 Favorite TV shows as of today:
Extreme Home Makeover
What Not to Wear
Blue's Clues
Ready Set Learn :Peep
Jo Jo's Circus

Oh, wait, those last ones are my daughter's favorite shows that I am forced to watch daily.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Im back!

Made it home safe and sound. It was a great trip for both of us. Kids really amaze you sometimes, she did much better than I had anticipated. But it was very exhausting and I am glad to be home sweet home.

Speaking of home sweet home, as I mentioned earlier my husband had twelve different guys over to record the next Deepspace 5 album while we were away. The house looks pretty good! I need to do some down and dirty cleaning, but the basics are done and I was really happy he cared enough to take care of that for me. Im going to take it one room at a time and get things back to normal, but it could be a while before I get started again. I still have to take down the Christmas tree and decorations too....

On a COMPLETELY different note, I was heading to the grocery store today when I pulled along side a Hummer 2. I got to thinking, ya know, those things are the epitome of American hoggie-ness. Everything on it is so supersized...the wheels, the gaudy decor, the rims and flashy lights. It was just so BIG! I really want to know who needs such a thing. (I apologize if any of you readers own one, this is just my not-so-humble opinion.) What could possibly be next? Little trains? Are we going to ride around with an engine and kaboose? Little semis? With obnoxious blow horns? Road ready airplanes? With gold rimmed wheels and tinted windows? Tanks with color options like bumble bee yellow and cherry red? I mean, how much bigger can we get? Is it necessary to have such a large vehicle?

We have friends with 6 kids and one on the way. They drive a suburban. This is why I ask, who needs a Hummer? And if it isnt for roominess, it has to be for ego. And if that is the case, it makes sense why the thing is so big.

Monday, January 10, 2005

hello strangers!

wow, seems like forever since ive posted! it has been quite a whirlwind of an adventure and i will try to quickly recap what has taken place thus far.

the plane ride was good but exhausting. the first leg was 3 hours but ended up close to 4 because of a different plane having landing problems. our girl did well, but fell asleep about 20 minutes before landing (whats up wit dat?) and didnt sleep again until bed time. thank the Lord I had an extra seat next to me or it would have been a fiasco. this way she was able to sit and color, look at books, and just stand up in front of her seat to play off and on.

the lay over was the disasterous part of the journey. i thought i had about an hour between flights, and since they dont serve you anything but nuts anymore, (actually they have switched to pretzels due to allergies) I knew i had to grab us some food before heading to our gate. ive made this flight thru denver enough times to know that the gates are very far apart so i had to book it. i fastwalked over to (where else?) Mc Donalds, grabbed our food and basically ran to the gate only to learn we were delayed. how long? who knew? "Stay close" said the attendant. "we have clearance to board but no flight crew. as soon as they arrive we will begin boarding." the weather was terrible and every flight before ours was still waiting to board. there were few seats available, and at this point our girl just wanted to run. here was my dilema: i can force her to sit and just stroll around so i dont lose her, or let her run and possible lose my stroller and everything else while i chase her down. i had bought a harness (yes, i know how ridiculous they look, but i thought it was worth it to look insane rather than lose her) and decided to pull it out. the previous attempts at getting her to wear it had resulted in a tantrums of gigantic proportions. i decided to just use the "leash" part and attach it to her tag in her sweater to avoid stares from onlookers. she didnt seem to mind so long as she got out of her seat. then she decided to make mommy look like a fool, and began playing "ring around the rosie" with herself, continuously wrapping the leash around her neck, and forcing me to grab her, unwind her, and ask her to "calm down" in my "im not a crazy mom, just a little high strung" voice.

FINALLY after an hour delay we boarded....only sit an HOUR waiting to de-ice so we could take off. i was actually still on the ground when i should have been arriving at my destination! but she was a trooper. she didnt throw a single tantrum, although she was at her wits end when we arrived. i got to my mom's and told her it was almost time for bed. she willingly got in her pajamas, told everyone goodnight, and walked to her room. i asked if she wanted to read some books and she said "no." she walked over to the port-a-crib, lifted her arms, and i dropped her in. didnt hear a peep after that!

ive kept her on East Coast time to make things easier, so she gets up at 430-5am, and goes to bed at 530-6pm. it's working well, although the three hours of utter darkness each morning before sunrise are a bit weary! i decided to take her to my dad's last night and try sleeping there. BIG mistake. she was hysterical (and who can blame her--im a bit confused myself!) and didnt sleep well at all. now we are back at mom's and she's having a rough time sleeping. Shoot fire and spit! (as my mother-in-law would say:) I went and messed things up! Oh well, tonight she will have to cry herself to sleep--im tuckered out!

a fun adventure this trip was a few days ago when we drove a little over an hour to the town i grew up in and spent the afternoon with some of my high school friends and their kids. we all look exactly the same to me! except now we have our own children. so strange! ive know these friends since sixth grade...let's see...20 years! and i hadnt realized just how much i miss them. it was so much fun, and i wish i lived closer. it's so easy being around friends you've known virtually your whole life. we didnt talk a whole lot about the past and other people like i thought we would. we talked more about our marriages, every day things like gaining weight, losing weight, how to discipline the kids, and what's come and gone business-wise around town. it's funny, driving thru town all the homes seemed smaller. the town seemed familiar but a distant memory. i could still easily get around, but cant remember the names of roads, or just what's changed.

in the end it's been a good trip--a hard one, but very worth while. (is that one word or two?...)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Adios Amigos!

I am off to Washington this Tues, so it may be a little while before I get back on here. I am going to try to write while I am there, but mom has the dial up internet so it isnt always quick and easy. I am a little nervous because I just found out that there are no empty seats on the first leg of my trip, so my daughter will be sitting on my lap for the first 3 1/2 hours! (Try getting a 2 year old to sit on your lap for 20 minutes and you'll understand my anxiety.) It isnt so much me that Im worried about, it's the rest of the passengers, including the ones sitting right next to me. If I could have afforded a second seat I would have gotten it, but since she is still just under two, I can pay for jsut one seat and pray for an empty one to sit her in next to me. This time the plane is booked, so Ive been told she will be sitting on my lap. Anyone have any suggestions to keep her busy? I have books, color crayons, snacks, favorites, never been seen befores, and all that jazz. But I could use any suggestions you might have.

Talk to you soon, and enjoy the new year!