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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday 3.28

This is not necessarily what they had in mind for self portrait tuesday in regards to time (considering the fact that i am not even in the shot), but i thought i would post another photo comparison of my two girls. I couldnt find any photos of Lux at 14 weeks, so I had to use a shot of her at 17 weeks. But I still find it very interesting to see how similar, yet different, they look. I will admit that I tried to find similar looking shots, but honestly I was surprised at just how alike they are. Definitely different color of eyes, and different lips, but I can sure see a commonality between them!

Here's sweet Zaine this past Sunday at 14.5 weeks

And here's my Luxie Lu (now 3) at 17 weeks

Monday, March 27, 2006

must haves

I got to thinking about the things Ive just got to have around the house, in the car, etc. So I decided to make a list. Here are my:

Top 5 "Must Haves" for the moment

In my fridge:
1. cold water (especially in the summertime)
2. yogurt smoothies (for the girl)
3. waffles
4. frozen pizza
5. assorted cheeses

In my closet:
1. favorite jeans
2. t-shirts
3. turtlenecks (i get cold a lot!)
4. hip capris
5. cozy winter sweaters

In my purse:
1. lip gloss
2. hand sanitizer/baby wipes (for the kids : )
3. asthma medicine
4. a snack/toy to occupy kid
5. gum

In my car:
1. sunglasses
2. diapers/change of clothes for the kiddies
3. jumper cables (been stuck too many times without them)
4. baby carrier
5. good music!

On my TiVo (if you dont have it make believe...)
1. The Office
3. American Inventor
4. Prison Break
5. The Wonder Pets (Luxie's new love)

What are your must haves?
and how could I forget Joy!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I cant think of anything! I got nothin! No idea what to write about these days. Andrea at hulaseventy posted last week about being blocked and I can totally relate. It isnt as if there isnt anything going on in my life. I mean, just yesterday Zaine had the most explosive diaper mess ever, and I thought she had ruined the one pair of jeans fitting me these days--but I thought I ought to spare you the details. And Nate is trying to talk me into sending Luxie on an overnighter away from home with him, which I should be thrilled about but I am totally freaked out by the notion. I mean, she's my BABY! And I still cant seem to figure out how to actually clean the WHOLE house and have ALL OF IT clean at the same time. Instead it seems that once I leave one room to go to the next, the mess follows me. I feel like I am doing circles all day long. Then the dishes....dont get me started!

I did finish getting our taxes together for Monday's appointment. Nate goes in to meet the man and I wait anxiously by the phone to get word on the damage. This year odds are we will owe a little something...little is fine....little would be great. And we are still trying to find time to get out house in order so we can move this year. We hope to get out closer to our church, near Luxie's pre-school. Lots to do around here before then, but God is faithful and I know it will get done in time.

Speaking of God being faithful, can I just tell you how much I love my life? Ya know, life is hard, and sometimes it is monotonous, but I am sure thankful to be right here right now. These really are the best days Ive known. Yeah, Im looking a little older, my clothes dont fit as well as I'd like them to, Ive lost some freedom, and some of the excitement is gone, but I am really happy. I can say that....I am happy. Not happy as in twirling in circles looking up at the sun in a field of wildflowers, but happy like satisfied. Im OK with things, and that is a big statement for me. Im glad to be here, to be married to the man I got, to have two great girls, to have a great group of friends at church, to be living. Finally at the age of 32/33 I get it. To quote Amy Grant, "Life is hard, and it might not get easier." But that's ok. It's ok to not have all the answers. It's ok that every day isnt fun, and the baby is crying for some unknown reason, and I messed up on dinner, and it's raining outside, and the car broke down, and I cant pay the bills today. Because you know what, whether I like it or not life just keeps going. Whether I like today or not, it's gonna happen. And the night will come, and the baby will finally sleep, and the sun will shine again, and the car will get fixed and the bills will eventually get paid. Life keeps going and I might as well deal with it. And I can choose to be ok with it all. I can choose to be happy. And I can be thankful. Thankful to God for another chance to get it right. Another chance to say thank you to Him for the great things that have happened, and for the new things that are to come. Thanks for being patient, God. I think I finally get it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Just for fun, two pictures from our trip to the aquarium March 4th (Zaine was with us...but asleep in the stroller most of the time....)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random thoughts...

*Im really enjoying this American Idol. Right now my order of favorites would go something like this:
1. Taylor (gray haired guy)
2. Chris (Rocker)
3. Paris
4. Elliott
5. Mandisa
6. Katherine or Lisa

I have to tell you I was shocked and very impressed with Ace's "Butterflies" rendition--had no idea he had that voice! But the Ive never been a big fan of pretty boys and the big hair throws me off. Did anyone catch Simon's comment to Bucky about his "Jessica Simpson" hair last week! I about fell off the couch because during the entire song I kept saying to Nate, "Oh, bad choice with the hair! It looks like a girl's wig!" But the best comment I heard/read regarding the whole competition came from a writer over at the Grey's Anatomy blog. Krista Vernoff had this to say about the competition..

"WHY IS NO ONE  TALKING ABOUT KEVIN COVAIS’ SPEECH IMPEDIMENT? Seriously, how are you supposed to have a professional singing career when you sound like this: “You should have told me yourthelf, that you loved thomeone elth, insthead I heard it through the grapevine…”???  He is sweet kid – even a talented singer, but seriously!   Maybe I’ll write to Simon Cowell and call him some names…"

All I have to say in response is, "AMEN sister!" America drives me crazy with these kinds of things. The guy should have never made the final 12, and he never should have beat Gedeon into the next round. If it were my son I may have even asked him to bow out of the competition...maybe...ok, well, I would at least be sure his feet were on the ground and he had a realistic view of what was happening! It makes no sense to me!

*Newest word-phrase created by darling Luxie: "P.Woo!" Dirived from "P.U." Exclamation meaning "stinky" or "that stinks". Usually used in regards to her sister's diapers, Daddy's feet, or Mommy's lunch.

*I am dying to wear my old clothes again, and honestly, I fear I may never get to. I miss my old jeans sooooo much, and my old shirts, and especially my old body. I actually like this body with it's curves and womanly look better than the old boyish body, but I feel so out of sorts with one pair of jeans fitting and no hope in sight of wear my great summer clothes. I know it has only been three months, and I am thankful to be wearing anything other than those old pregnancy clothes! But with the miscarriage and then the pregnancy it has been over a year and a half since I have been anywhere near those wonderful, fabulous, unappreciated before now but terribly missed pairs and pairs of jeans and capris.

I tried putting on an old denim skirt the other day for church and after writhing and slithering my hips and belly thru the waistline I was unable to zip or button it. But as if that werent humbling enough I could not for the life of me push it down and off of me! I had to ask Nate to come in and pull it from the bottom while I wriggled (and jiggled) my c-section scar thru the tiny zippered opening! Remind me never to do that again! If I have to work so hard to get something on it probably isnt worth the effort! Im still at the point of refusing to buy anything else in this size until I am certain their is no hope left in the universe of wearing my old things.

*Zaine is the sweetest roly-poly in the world. Very easy and mellow, and very pleasant! I really love having two kids, and I am so glad I endured the horrible torture of pregnancy and birth to have another (remind me of this post when I am pregnant again and unable to form coherent thoughts or sentences due to overwhelming nausea.) Yes, I am actually thinking about having another one. Who cares that hundreds of dollars in bills are rolling in one after another with Zaine's birth! Who cares that I just got done complaining about my odd post pregnancy body! Who cares that I already have so little time to myself that I treasure time alone in the bathroom! Bring it on! I want more!

*And lastly, as tax time is approaching I wish you all the best of luck, and many happy returns.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Things I LOVE Thursday: the park

Luxie, 14 months, "the post office park", Decatur, GA

Heading out to the park on a warm and sunny afternoon is one of my favorite activities. And one of Luxie's too. We have spent hours enjoying the toys and exploring the surrounding grassy areas, blowing bubbles and looking for "treasures". Before I had Zaine we spent several days a week at the park, even as the weather got cooler and fall turned into winter. The park is a great measure of her growth as I have watched her go from crawling up the steps on her hands and knees and sliding down with mommy, to conquering the snaky slide and the big girl swing. And over the years we have moved on from "the post office park" to "the garden park" and then to "the pebble park" and "the park by the ducks". Our favorite park that is way out of the way is "the sand park" which is actually named Mountain Park Park (yes, with two "park" words in the title. Beats me!)

But I think it is looking for treasures that I enjoy the most. We always bring a ziplock baggie along (usually an old snack bag lying around in the back of the van) and carry it around with us the whole afternoon. Luxie has collected some amazing things, party favors left over from the previous weekend, real cute barrettes abandoned by their owners, toy motorcycles and trucks buried deep in the sand or grass, and, of course, weedy flowers. I love to see the excitement on her face upon a new discovery, "Hhhaaaah! Look! Another seed!"

Lots of friendships, for both Luxie and I, time to be free to run and jump and play, and a chance for mom to step back from the "entertainer" role. I love the park!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Marriage is a journey." ~Reese Witherspoon

I am such a big fan of Reese Witherspoon. The first film I ever saw her in was "The Man In The Moon" (or was it "The Man On The Moon?") No difference to me, it was years ago and she was about 12 in the film. I think I was 16 or so and I remember being so moved by her performance that I actually envied her. I have followed her career ever since, and really admire her choices and her life behind the scenes.

Recently she was on Oprah promoting "Walk the Line" (amazing film by the way) and Oprah asked her about her marriage to Ryan Phillippe. She was asked how they make it work in such a crazy industry, with all of the temptations, time away, and jealousy that can can develop with their respective careers. After explaining that they both had great examples in their parents, both couples still together after 20 something years of marriage, she boasted of what a great man Ryan is (again, what a smart woman). Then she said something to the effect of "you know, it isnt like we dont have problems that come about. I mean, we have gone to counseling to work thru things. But marriage is a journey, with mountain tops and valleys, and you just choose to stick together thru it all." I cant tell you how refreshing it was to hear a Hollywood star publicly admit that marriage is hard work, but if you choose to stick with it, you can beat the odds ....(Reese, dont make me come back here and take back all this praise in a few years!)

So anyway, with that, I too believe marriage is a journey. And part of that journey is learning to live with those odd little idiosyncrasies and personal differences we each have. For instance, while my dad was visiting last week we all road around together in our, ahem...minivan. Nate drove, my dad road in the passenger seat, the girls were in the second row seats, so I was in the far back row. This was quite an interesting experience for me for a number of reasons. First, I like to drive and Nate's driving is nothing like mine. I will leave it at that. Second, I was not able to participate in the front row conversations because I was behind two very noisy kids who were THRILLED that mommy was in the back with them. So I was left to entertain the children and basically zone out. Third, and most interestingly, I was made to sit back and observe. And there was one particular thing I observed over and over again. A little thing Nate did over and over again.

Our car has automatic locks. When you exceed 20 mph the doors thruout the van simultaniously lock down, I suppose to avoid intruders or to keep children in. As the person who most often drives the van I have learned that every time I get out of the van I have to hit the unlock button to get the rest of the family out. As we drove from location to location thruout the week I began to notice that every stinking time Nate got out of the driver's seat he would shut his door, walk back to the sliding door on Luxie's side and try to open it. He would find it locked, hesitate for a moment, realize the situation, then walk back to his door, open it, hit the unlock button, and head back to Luxie's door to get us out. The first few times I chalked it up to not having driven the minivan for a while. But as the week wore on I became more and more astonished that he wasnt catching on! My goodness, it happened every time we arrived at our destination! I stopped counting after 10! It became my pet peeve! Will Nate remember this time? Ahhh, nope! Wait what about now, surely he will, it's only been half an hour since our last stop! Nope. Not one time did he remember to unlock the doors to let us out. This was excruciating for someone of my personality who is very task oriented and does most things in a systematic order and process!

But do you know what I loved about the whole thing? It made me appreciate my husband even more. He may be nothing like me as far as catching on to the door locking mechanism in the minivan, but he is faithful. Faithful to go back time and time again to get it right. It was such an example of his character, steady, even, never waivering, faithfully always who he is. That is who Nate is and he wont ever change. And I suppose I should be glad about that! Another lesson learned on this journey.


Thanks so much for the big reveals on my last entry! It was so great learning about each of you and just who IS reading this blog! I really appreciate your boldness, and your viewership?!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Calling all Blurkers!

Are you a blurker? Do you find yourself dropping by the blog world for a quick peek at people's lives, reading to your hearts content and then quietly disappearing until you need another fix? Do you have a special blog bookmarked that you frequently visit but at which you have never posted a comment? Are you reading this right now with no intention of revealing your identity or your fascination with my not so glamorous life? (thanks jo: ) If this is the case, Im afraid you are a blurker.

My brother-in-law Ward at the Wardomatic posted a great blog about Blurkers that I could not find for the life of me, but it got me thinking....just who IS reading this thing? Ok, maybe there are only six of you, well, seven if you count the recent comment by my cousin April. Or eight if you count me too. And I think my mom reads this so that would be nine. But I have to know....are there MORE? If you feel so inclined...if you are ready to drop this facade and make yourself known...if you are ready to baptize yourself into the blog world, TODAY IS THE DAY! RAISE YOUR HAND AND SAY "YES! YES! I READ THIS BLOG! NO LONGER WILL I LIVE IN FEAR AND HIDE MYSELF BEHIND MY COMPUTER SCREEN. IM READY TO SHOW THE BLOG WORLD MY TRUE IDENTITY! I ACCEPT THAT THIS IS WHO I AM AND I WILL NO LONGER BE ASHAMED TO COMMENT WITH MY REAL NAME! I...AM...A...FIRST...CLASS...BLURKER!"

Or you can decide not to post a comment and that will be fine too.

Good day.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things I LOVE Thursday: My Girls

My Girls

OK, so I know last Thursday I posted a family pic, and I just put up birthday photos of these two, and choosing my kids for a "things I love" day is pretty obvious, but how can I resist posting a picture like this??? I love these two little rascals!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Birthdays, Babies, and more

Here are a few photos from the little party we had to celebrate Luxie's 3rd birthday this past weekend. And, of course, a picture of the baby : )

Cute face!

Luxie opening her Miss Spider sing-a-long

Zaine at 11 weeks

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Grey Matter

For all of you who love Grey's Anatomy (as I do) there is a great blog by the writers of the show at this link: http://www.greyswriters.com/ (sorry, although I have figured out my links to the right, I have yet to solve the mystery of inserting links into the blog. That, and I am just too darn busy to sit and learn how to do it.) They answer all kinds of questions as to why they are writing certain episodes certain ways.. I have really enjoyed it! Check it out!

Self Portrait Photobooth Things I LOVE!

And Things I LOVE Thursday, and even Self Portrait Tuesday, and all the other days I've missed! My dad is in town for Luxie's birthday (she turns 3 on Sunday...so crazy!!) so that is why Ive been gone. But I had to post something, I mean, it seems like forever since Ive blogged. That's pretty scary considering I posted on Sunday and it is now Saturday...one week and I cant take it...I...Must..Post...again... Hello, my name is Kendra and Im a blogaholic..

So although I have missed all of the deadlines, this post should cover all of them.

The Family, Christmas 2004

Since there are 4 photos, I decided to choose a different one for each special day. Obviously, the most revealing, honest photo of the bunch is #2, or "ghostfaced mama" as we like to call it at our place. A perfect shot for the "All Of Me" theme, so we will call that the Self Portrait Tuesday entry.

For Things I LOVE Thursday I love picture #4. I love my family, my sweet and sour girl and my hubby with the greatest sense of humor. And me, wedged in the middle, falling somewhere in the middle most of the time. I love them so much, and need to get back to the mall to get a new photo strip with Zaine in the mix!

The shot I would pick for Photobooth Friday would be #3. Way to capture the moment, photobooth! I love that Luxie is forever caught in the moment of the arched back beginning of a tantrum, proof of terrible "almost two's". And what is sparking this reaction? Hugs and love from mom and dad, (and a day at the mall waiting to see Santa prior to said photo sitting.)

So what does picture #1 represent? I have no idea.