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Friday, July 28, 2006

meridith's meme

one word for......

yourself = complicated
your partner = inspiring
your hair = mess
your mother = overcoming
your father = growing
your favorite item = husband
your dream last night = weird
your favorite drink = pure
your dream home = clean
the room you're in = dark
your pleasure = sleep
your fear = many
where you want to be in 10 years = better
who you hung out with last night = whoelse?
what you're not = sanguine
your best friends = distant
one wish list item = move
your gender = female
the last thing you did = read
the last thing you ate = delicious
your life = blessed
the last person you talked to on the phone = love
who are you thinking of right now = friends

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's 110 degrees

And I have never before experienced such heat. We are sitting out on the patio with a mister blowing on us, watching Luxie and her friend Ryan swim in the little plastic pool. It's hot. It's not just hot, it is sizzling. And Nate is rocking in the chair next to me as we visit with my mom's husband's daughter and their family. And Nate's chair is rubbing against mine as he rocks.

"We are rubbing together. Can you slide over a little?" I ask.

"That's what my thighs just said," replied Nate. And I had to come write this one down.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Me as.....MOM

this is the title of this month's challenge, "Me as..." so I thought I'd post a photo taken just a few days ago at Pioneer Park in my hometown. What I like about this picture is that no one around me is really ready for the shot except me, and that reminds me of chaos around me as we travel thru Washington. I feel like I am the center of this photo, and sometimes that is how it feels, especially while we are traveling. I feel like I am the one running the show, always on full alert, never missing a beat. Not because "Im so good" or "Im the boss" but because Im....mom. I gotta keep this boat afloat, this show on the road, these kids fed, these plans in action. Sure, Nate is definitely a huge part of the game, and my mom and dad and family have helped tremendously, but it sure seems like it all comes back to me. And it is weird, being in this position, being "mom" now to two girls, and "wife" to my husband for the past 9 years. I feel so young still, and so unqualified. But in this photo I actually appear to be OK with it, at peace, comfortable, and most of all happy.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

so much for uneventful!

After three days at my dad's house in Dayton (three beautiful days, by the way, on a small property outside a tiny city with a baby pool and lots of fresh air to breathe) we hit the road Friday morning to Portland for the family reunion. About one hour into the trip Luxie began complaining about a tummy ache, and moments later, you guessed it, our worst nightmare! A child throwing up is a sad thing to begin with, but when they are strapped into a car seat it is so much worse. Thankfully I had a towel with me and I was able to contain the mess as much as possible while Nate tried to pull over. After many tears and many wipes a favorite dress and a very gross towel were left on the side of the highway and we were back on the road.

We arrived about an hour later than anticipated to the family reunion, but were welcomed by aunts and uncles i hadnt seen for years. As many of you know I grew up in the Northwest, so just being in the fresh clean humid-free air has been worth the trip. But it was so much more worth it to see the familiar faces of my youth! My cousins are now all over 6 ft tall (im the only girl with 4 boy cousins all more than 5 years younger than me) and hear the stories that led up to this big event. The girls adjusted reasonably well, and Nate, well, I havent seen much of him! He's either watching the child Im not able to entertain, or off visiting with my family. It's so great to see him fit in so well.

It appears now that Luxie's upset stomach was a simple case of carsickness, although I called my dad this morning and he is in bed with a horrible flu (please, Lord, surely we escaped it!)Other than that she's only fallen off the picnic table bench and flung herself across a patch of pinecones while running in her flip flops, so I say we are doing pretty well! She's spent the majority of most days outside, which thrills me, because that is how childhood should be in my book. And everybody knows to call her "Austin." Zaine has made 15 new fans, all adoring her and applauding every move she makes. They've certainly stolen the spotlight!

Tomorrow we hit the road back to Eastern Washington for some time at my mom's, and it should be very relaxing (at least, once we get there....) Not looking forward to the 5 hour drive, but once we arrive we are there until we fly home. I cant wait to see that backyard, the one I wrote about last August when Luxie and I made the trip and zaine was growing in my belly. It should be fun!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

we have arrived

well, we are finally hitting our stride here in Washington. the weather has been BEAUTIFUL and Nate now understands once again why i am always writing about the amazing weather when I am out here. yesterday was about 75 with no humidity and until I am actually here I forget just how wonderful it is to live with no humidity. wow! typically it is in the high 90's, however, so it will be hot for sure before we go.

the flights out were pretty uneventful, and thankfully both girls have slept thru the night since we arrived! mornings are early but i will gladly get up early if i can sleep all night long! and i havent seen a single bug, other than a fly, since my arrival. can i get an "AMEN!"

today we are heading to my hometown (right now we are at dad's and he lives 30 miles from Walla Walla) to eat at the infamous "Lorenzo's" (and, just like last year, I will tell you how ridiculous the name is. Originally named "Abby's Pizza" it was and still is the best pizza i have ever tasted in my life, but was bought by a man named Loren who decided to change the name to Lorenzo's. this is the same pizza place i worked at each summer during jr.high.) so we are off to Lorenzo's and then to TCBY, where i drove each day after school during my senior year to get a small frozen yogurt with my friend Angela. And then later this evening we will be getting dinner with my good friend Jason who is one of two high school friends ive kept in touch with. (if you have been reading this blog for a while, you will remember a blog i wrote about a year ago regarding the big hair i used to have and i posted pictures, one was of Jason and I.) Ive known Jason since 6th grade, and it is always very interesting catching up again. i will be sure to fill you in on the details in the next day or so.

anyway, off to feed the baby, and do playdough with the big girl. (is this vacation? sounds a bit like home!)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Im going to take a new spin on my "Top 5's" and just call em "FIVE" with a new purpose. It's time for a change, but I still love listing things so here we go. Today's FIVE: (I've now typed FIVE so many times that it looks like some weird word I made up...)

FIVE: things that happened this week

*Almost walking into a spider web between our two cars, I caught sight of the spider and tried to bring down the web with my flip flop (still attached to my foot.) Began freaking out when the spider continued dangling from my raised flip flopped-foot and then decided to climb UP the web towards my foot. I shook my foot frantically, screaming out my usual "AAAAAs" and "UCKs" while Luxie giggled in the background. The spider suddenly disappeared and was never to be seen again. Although multiple times thruout the day I was certain he was crawling up my body!

*Enjoyed an M&M Blizzard with my family on a blanket on the square in Decatur (on a perfect evening) and then took Luxie on a little walk to search for "treasures" left over from the 4th of July festivities. Little flags, shiny stars, streamers and such were the big finds.

*Threw a tantrum.
(I dont know what got to me but a bunch of little things built up and I basically threw a tantrum. It was ridiculous.)

*As I was cleaning up the kitchen counter I lifted a dishtowel and had a MONSTER ROACH run directly towards me, ONTO MY BELLY! I SCREAMED THE MOST HYSTERICAL SCREAM I HAVE EVER SCREAMED IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND AND GIRLS and furiously flicked at the front of my shirt until the mammoth insect flew into the sink. While Nate screamed "WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!!" I stood hyperventilating and managed to get out "ooooAAAAA! A....ROACH....WAS....ON....MEEEEEEEEEE!" At which point Luxie began giggling and said, "It's OK mommy, I will help you." Nate came to the rescue and did away with the disgusting thing, but it took me a bit to recover.

(Ok, I know it is really gross and sounds like I live like a pig. But SERIOUSLY I am a clean person and our house is clean! When you live in a heavily wooded area that is very humid like Atlanta is, the insects grow BIG and when a big one is in your house it means it came from the outside and didnt grow there inside your house. We also have Orkin, but the horrible things still come in at times. It's terrible, but I still think it made for a funny story.)

*Enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Mountain Park Aquatic Center with my family. The place has a lazy river, and a great big shoreline with water that gradually gets deeper, as well as a waterworks play area and some big slides. But its great for little ones, and we had a blast.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

American Adventures

Just a few pics from our fun day at the amusement park:

The rides are just perfect for ages 3-10 or so. These planes went up real high and the kids loved em.

These little semis just went round and round the track, but they were great for the little ones!

This is me on the "crazy bus". I'd forgotten how "crazy" rides can be.

And how could I not include this HILARIOUS shot of Nate on the Scrambler with his niece Ava!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Rant-om thoughts

* those sneakers with skates on the bottom dont sit well with me. the way the kids hold their feet as they skate on their heels makes me nervous. and how irritating as a teacher! having your class skate around the room!

* as much as i love the idea of a holiday to celebrate our independence from Great Britain, I am not a huge fan of the firecrackers that we use to celebrate that freedom. The random pops and bangs during the middle of the night are getting old, and we are still a day away. And when you live in an area that occasionally has gun shots, it makes the night even more restless than before.

* I sat at my kitchen window with tears in my eyes as I watched this bug stuck in a spider web. I had no way of helping him and like a tragic car accident i couldnt look away as the spider made his way down to the bug and numbed him. spiders stink.

* can roaches get ANY BIGGER? im telling you, it makes me want to leave the south just to get away from the huge bugs. as we parked the car yesterday we drove over one and the van was high centered, i kid you not. (ok, i am just kidding, but the thing was HUGE.)

* have a WONDERFUL FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION with your families and friends!